Wednesday, December 30, 2009

we interrupt this broadcast...

... to give you an out-of-place and otherwise girly post.

Is it bad that I get excited over post-Christmas shopping? I mean, yeah, I'm a tomboy but that shouldn't mean I'm not allowed to like perusing around the mall. It's not like I go hog-wild anyway, I usually hit Borders, FYE, and maybe stores like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe if I'm feeling extra girly or ambitious (side note: CR has the best jeans ever, even though they are $30 a pair. Hence why I wait for the sales. Those jeans are worth waiting for.)
But back to post-Christmas shopping. Since I'm such a hard-to-buy-for person, I get a lot of gift certificates to these places so then I get to pick out what I want. It's kinda lame, but if someone goes out and buys me something, it's usually not something I'd like or it might be the wrong size. Besides, gift cards are a little easier than taking me to the store and being all like "Here, pick out what you want for Christmas/birthday/whatever" since that ruins the surprise and if I get thrown into a store and told to pick stuff out, I get all sheepish and stuff and pick out like one thing 'cause I don't want to run anyone dry. Either that, or I spend all day in that store trying to decide what to pick out 'cause I have a bad habit of regretting my purchases so instead I spend the day contemplating what to buy so I don't have to suffer through regretting it later.

I should probably stop rambling now, seeing as I still have to finish breakfast, brush my teeth, etc. etc. and the EGE and his sister are picking me up in a half hour. Shopping trips with the EGE don't happen very often if at all and I am taking this opportunity and running with it; if it weren't for the fact that my awesome camera is big and clunky and not pocket-sized, I would so totally document the expedition and possibly put it on Facebook. Mwahahahahaha >:)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

no more j-bay

The Mets and Jason Bay finally came to an agreement of 4 years and $66mil. You all probably know that already but I couldn't post it as soon as it happened seeing as I was at work yesterday and today and did not have internet access until I got home.
It's not a bad gig, actually. I just have to go through a buttload of files for a local dentist office and throw away all the old ones (which is pretty much all of them). The only drawbacks are that my hands get a little dry from the paper and my cuticles are shredded from stuffing my hands into envelopes to find out the date. Nothing a little lotion and tape can't solve.

Still no word on any of my boys. Methinks they're staying where they are.
And of course now that I say that, I'll probably just jinx myself and send them flying in all directions, or worse, to New York. And I ain't talkin' 'bout Citi Field. Seriously, I would cry if any of my boys got sent to the Bronx, even if that does mean seeing them more often.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

random birthdays

I have nothing to write about.

Weirdly enough, today produced a lot of 80's-born pitchers. I mean, you've got David Aardsma (ex-Sock), Cole Hamels and Rick Porcello. This is kinda like the Triple David Birthday Awesomeness Day back on the 20th.

I think I'll go back to bio essay Qs and listening to the Wicked soundtrack I got for Christmas. Have fun.

Friday, December 25, 2009

nollaig chridheil huibh!

(please don't make me pronounce that, I have no idea)

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

like it or not, it's the way it's gotta be

"you gotta love yourself if you can ever love me"

Anyway. Nothing interesting to post about. And this week(end) will be crazy and hectic as I need to go through 4 Christmases before it ends (haha just like the movie), so I apologize but posting will be sparse unless something important happens. Like if one of my boys gets traded.

Sowwy. This is why I hate the offseason.

If I don't get on again this week, merry whatever, everyone! :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I was kinda really swamped this week. Thursday... well I don't really remember what kept me from posting on Thursday but it was probably lack of content, I didn't get home on Friday til midnight, and I had to sell concessions and do other stuff yesterday so sorry I didn't get to posting til now.

Baseball news! The Lowell/Ramirez deal is dead. Dearest Mike needs thumb surgery. My mom is glad he's not getting sent to Texas.

It's a good thing today is Sunday, otherwise everyone having to go to work would've been screwed. Snow here is up to my dog's neck, or as my mom described it before she got out the yardstick, "a beer bottle plus 3 inches." The official measurement was 16 inches. Yikes.

And as a parting note, Happy Triple David Birthday Awesomeness Day! I would get pictures of Davids DeJesus, Cook and Wright but I don't really feel like applying the effort and stealing them from Ellie's posts would be mean.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

you people are dumb.

I was on Facebook and saw that the Royals MLBlog posted pix from a holiday party, and all the comments were poking fun at Alex. Grrr. But what makes me more mad is that whenever I see that MLBlog post stuff, people only say crap, like how the trades all suck and the players suck and the managers suck and the team sucks. If they "suck" so bad, why do you root for them? Why are you their fan on Facebook? And you would think they would know how to spell their team players' names right, but apparently not. Before and after Teahen got traded, I kept seeing everyone spell it "Teahan." Know your team! Or at least sound it out! Even if you pronounce it "tea-in", as in without the H, there's still no second A!

K. That's my rant for the day. I'll be busy doing homework (half day) and being a percussion geek and selling food at the basketball game tonight.

Oh, and PS: I have decided that all the world's problems are caused by people being stupid. They are not caused by cows. They are caused by people being stupid.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


(that reminds me of my summer camp 'cause the director dude had an announcements jingle)


The Lackey deal is official. $87.5 million, 5 years. Yay us. Also, we picked up Brewers' outfielder Mike Cameron for 2 years, $15.5mil.

In non-Sox news, Roy Halladay is no longer our problem in the AL East. He got sent to the Phillies in a 3-way deal that sent Cliff Lee to Seattle and a few other players in various directions.

Obviously, not stellar trades but I don't see any of my boys ever making it to the Sox (other than Ellsbury of course 'cause he's already here) so I guess I should get my head out of the clouds.

And for parting thoughts, Cheez-its taste quite good in ranch dressing. Just thought you should know. :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

i am bored.

My friends are all at SOS practice, I don't feel like doing my homework and I have various parts of Potter Puppet Pal scenes running through my head so I'm in a bit of a weird mood.

Anyway. Baseball.
  • the Rangers are holding off finalizing the Lowell-Ramirez deal on the premise of Lowell's thumb injuries in the past, and they want a physical first. They might be a little hesitant as well seeing as Ramirez is a catcher and the whole deal with Salty's arm not being in great shape and they don't want to throw Teagarden in there full time.
  • Unfortunately, the Rangers couldn't sign Royals free-agent John Buck 'cause the Jays picked him up for a year. You snooze, you lose.
  • A bit of good news: the Sox are apparently really close to signing Angels pitcher John Lackey 'cause he's getting a physical for them, but we all know how quickly trades can fall through so I won't swear by it until I see it officially.
Off to do a history section outline and study for my bio test and write an article for the school newspaper about blogging.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

good time wasters

Hooray for procrastination! I have band homework and a buttload of AP bio homework so this is how I'm delaying that. Here are a few sites that are good timewasters:
  • Facebook. Obviously. Especially those stupid quizzes.
  • Blogthings. Again, because it is a site of all quizzes.
  • Any webcomic's archives. My personal favorites are Questionable Content, xkcd and Girls with Slingshots.
  • MLIA. They're mad entertaining to read.
  • blooper reels. Watching players fail epically never gets old.
  • YouTube. You can find anything on there.
  • Various blogs. But only if you have a blog and something to blog about, or if you have a list of blogs you like to visit.
  • Google/Facebook chat. But only if someone else is on. I prefer Google chat (it's through Gmail)
  • Potter Puppet Pals. My friend showed me this a few years ago and I just revisited it. They are immature and hilarious.

Friday, December 11, 2009

accomplishment of the week

I feel special. A story of mine made MLIA. You can read it here. Just ignore the idiot comments. And unlike the idiot comments like to think, this did actually happen.

8:43pm- I guess I should give the EGE some credit for pointing out my accomplishment of the week 'cause otherwise I never would've seen it. Thanks, dude. That's what you're here for ;)

Nothing much on the baseball front. Yesterday was your big news day. More to come. Eventually.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

here we go!

The Hot Stove League is finally heating up! This is what pulls me through the offseason.

Red Sox news:
  • Mike Lowell got the boot. He got sent to Texas for catcher Max Ramirez. Oh well. Sayonara, Lowell. It was fun while it lasted. Now we need a third baseman! Anyone know the number to the Royals' front office? ;)
  • The Sox also got 2 pitchers, DFA'd Twins pitcher Boof Bonser (his name makes me laugh), and DFA'd Rays' minor league pitcher Ramon Ramirez. Yes, now that makes 2 Sox pitchers with that name. Let's all hope they aren't both relief pitchers or they have different haircuts or middle names or initials or something.
And in Royals news, Mike Jacobs and John Bale (Mr. Door Puncher) got released.

No news on any of my 5 yet.

Random PS: I hate winter. I realize that everyone has problems with the air being so dry but I have had 3 bloody noses today, one of which woke me up at the delightful hour of 3 this morning. I do not appreciate being woken up at 3am for anything, especially a bloody nose. Ugh.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

holiday spirit

I'm glad I found these posts yesterday, 'cause I've had a bad week, between friend drama and the Nasty Horrible Society. (there's two links there, btw)

And you people wonder why I like this guy! He's just so smiley and adorable! And he looks like he's contemplating taking that bike in the last one...

Monday, December 7, 2009


(that's s'posed to be an unamused face)

Again with the friend drama! I'm sick of this! Make it stop!

Anyway, nothing much to report on in the Hot Stove League since winter meetings just started.

The only other thing I can think of to talk about is the lovely thesis paper I handed in today. Glad that's over with. I wrote this one on the women's and Negro Leagues in baseball. Yes, that makes 3 papers now that have been on something baseball-related. And the other two both got a 90 so if this one follows suit, it should also get a 90.

Stats monkeying for my paper:
- 10,548 characters in 2,066 words
- 71 sentences in 6 paragraphs
- 6 pages... and 2 lines (that bothered me a lot)
and no offense to the EGE but a topic that is a lot easier on the eyes and brain.

Guess that's it. More when it comes.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

more offseason fun

This will be an actual bits-and-pieces post since I have more than one thing to talk about.

The Braves strike again: First they sign Wagner, now they sign Saito. I guess it's a good thing we had an excess of pitchers last year, 'cause now they're all getting signed or traded elsewhere.

Houston, we have a shortstop: The Sox signed Toronto SS Marco Scutaro for 2 years and somewhere around $12.5mil. Scutaro apparently signed with the Sox 'cause he wanted a better chance to win a World Series, and he was willing to accept a slightly smaller salary to get that.

Not again: Poor Salty. Now he's been stopped from doing anything baseball-related until after the new year 'cause of his shoulder. His doctor said that his pain is typical of post-surgery whateverness, but the team isn't sure if he'll be 100% for Spring Training. Let's hope that he's ok for spring or Teagarden will get the starting spot since Pudge is unlikely to come back.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

"things i need to know" for 100?

So. Salty's been playing in the Dominican Winter League. How 'bout that? I didn't know that. No one told me. But whatever. What worries me is that apparently he got taken out of a game yesterday after taking too hard of a swing and numbing up his arm again. Sigh. I thought the TOS surgery was s'posed to fix/prevent this. Hope your arm feels better soon, Salty.

I actually have a doctor's visit of my own today 'cause my foot has been killing me the past week or so, so I finally broke down and had an appointment scheduled. I'm sick of walking on the side of my foot (it hurts on the ball of my foot).

7:34pm- Oh for crying out loud. Now he got sent home because of his arm. Come on, Salty! Get better now!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

another one bites the dust

Except not really, since Billy Wagner didn't get the boot, he just signed with the Braves.

Otherwise, I'm just waiting for the trades and contract discussions to really start. I'm getting bored.

Guess that's it. Off to work on bio essay Qs for my test tomorrow, and my history thesis paper and a few other bio things for Monday.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

bits and pieces

Le gasp! I have gone two straight posts without mentioning any baseball! What has come over me? I like to call it "the offseason".

Anyway, this will be a bit of a mishmash post. And I'll try to keep it brief unlike the last two.

Since it appears that the Sox are headed full-force into the winter without a definite shortstop, a bit of speculation has come up about Pedroia possibly switching from 2B to SS. I guess I'd be cool with it (not that my opinion matters in big-wig baseball decisions) 'cause the two positions are similar, just as long as they have someone at 2B. It's still early in the Hot Stove League, so I can't really make any forecasts until I see some more trades. Besides, we still have Green and Lowrie, and who knows what the minor leagues will look like?

...aaand I just now realize that that's just about all I have to say. So much for a "bits and pieces" post.

Oh, and happy December, btw.

Monday, November 30, 2009

that's what she said

I know, these jokes are like the epitome of lame but I pulled a few on myself and other people today so I feel compelled to post about them. It doesn't help that I have nothing else to write about.

First one: I was talking to the EGE on the way to class this morning and he got tripped up on a really easy word that shouldn't've been a tongue twister but apparently it was (I don't even remember what the word was). It reminded me of a running joke we have that he has no dexterity in his hands because at every marching band gig, his hands are so cold that he can't fold his marching band pants or button his jacket or whatever, so I have to do it for him. I was then prompted by my own snarkiness to say "Sheesh, you don't have any dexterity in your hands, you don't have any dexterity in your tongue either..." and then I cut myself off and thought about what I said.

Another one: Again, walking with the EGE but after school, and his hand started twitching really violently, so I asked what was up. He hadn't noticed, and I said, "Dude, your hand is all over the place," and again I cut myself off and thought about what I said.

Another another one: This one I sort of pulled on my friend Dan, except it was more like someone else said it and I laughed and then the other person realized what they said. We were waiting for drivers' ed to start (took my final exam today yay only 1 more fluff class to go!), and he was restringing his guitar so I was watching him, and one of the other guys in our class noticed that one of the strings was really loose/broken. Being a guitar string buff, he pointed it out to Dan and said, "Hey, your G string is broken." Cue the Mandachan laughing.

Oh, come on, you know you read this for the maturity level. Or the lack thereof, rather.

And I apologize for my wordiness lately. I guess I'm just trying to make up for the lack of topics with excessive wordiness about the things I do come across to talk about.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

random stories

I was s'posed to be working on my AP bio essay questions for the test on Thursday (which I'm s'posed to be doing now), and then I got a bit sidetracked with my laptop and started reading some of my old stories. I'm notorious for starting stories, getting like 12 or 13 chapters done and then hitting the ever-popular "writer's block"... ha, more like "writer's brick wall". So then I leave them there for a month or two or a year and then I go back and laugh at them. Sometimes the scenes are funny, sometime the horribleness of my writing is funny. But it's always fun to go digging for those old gems.

The one I'm writing now is about these two friends who go to intern for a minor-league baseball team in the middle of nowhere in the Great Plains and then they find out it's a co-ed team. I honestly don't know where my plot is going but I can tell you I am having a lot of fun with character descriptions. Naming everyone and deciding what they look like and what kind of person they are is always the best part.

It's bad, but I always have a general type of character that shows up: I always base the main character off a better version of myself, her best friend is always based off either my idea of a perfect guy or one of my good guy friends (sometimes a combination of both), and then the rest are off people I know. A few baseball players make cameos in this one. There's always recurring plot chunks in my stories too, like how the main character has a really scary dream and wakes up screaming (dream sequences are way too much fun to write), and how she always gets into a fistfight with her best guy friend (those are also fun), and so on and so forth.

If anyone was interested in reading the jumble of words that I like to call a story, feel free to drop me a line. My email is in my profile. Or you can comment with your email address and I'll email it to you.

Friday, November 27, 2009

hot stove reports 11/09

The Sox have an arrival and a departure, but not necessarily in that order since I haven't been on-the-ball lately with trades. Royals' utility infielder Tug Hulett was claimed for either $ or the infamous "player to be named later", and shortstop Alex Gonzalez signed with the Jays (I'm not sure what prompted me to say he signed with the White Sox but I'm glad I doublechecked)

No news on whether any of my boys are going anywhere yet. Hopefully they don't. Unless they all come up to Boston, which would be amazing, but I know better than that :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

turkey day!

I knew I shouldn't've stayed up til 1 last night... rather, this morning. Especially since I'm at my aunt and uncle's house and my cousins are definitely early birds, just like my sister. But I did, and I'm a little tired.

Lack of sleep or not, happy thanksgiving to all. Enjoy all the food and the football (as of right now, our school team is up 14-0, and the game dedication was on the news, for those of you who get WFSB on channel 3 in CT)

1:52pm- We won 35-6. Way to get the win for Matt, guys.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

feeling a little better

I know yesterday's post was definitely out of the norm, and I really hope I never have to do another one like it. That was by far the hardest post I have ever had to type. It took me a good hour to not only think of what to write and not sound like an idiot but more to compose myself to the point of where I could actually type what I needed to. Of course, seeing the EGE's post this morning was rough, too, especially in how formal and factual it was in comparison to mine, but then again, he's always been more formal and factual, whereas I'm more emotional with things like that. Screw the 5 steps of grieving, everybody does it differently. Besides, "anger" and "bargaining" didn't really work in this case.

Oh well. This just shows how fragile life is. And also that I've seen way too many episodes of House because I honestly thought he'd pull through.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


"You don't know what you got 'til it's gone." I never thought those Counting Crows lyrics would ever apply to me. But they do. We really didn't know what we had until we lost it. You truly were one of Ledyard's finest. My only regrets to having met you were that I primarly talked with you only to quibble over baseball, and that you never got to see how much you meant to us, our school and our town.

This is for you, Matty B. We will never forget you

Monday, November 23, 2009

actual minipost

Since Saturday's "little post" wasn't so little.

Anyway, this is just to report that Joe Mauer won the AL MVP almost unanimously (27 of 28 first place votes). I'm glad the world doesn't have their Yankees-goggles on and voted one of their bums to the award just because they *gag* won the Fall Classic.

And that shall be it because I feel bad for breaking the quiet that consumed the school and entire town this week, so out of respect and hopes for a swift recovery, posting shall be light.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

haha wow

I spent the last 5 minutes or so trying to think of something to blog about and then I realized "hey! I have a music tour that I should be posting about!" I was kinda sidetracked this week with the Cy Youngs so I didn't get to the newest installment of the QC Music Tour. Bad me.

I don't remember which strip number Jimmy Eat World was mentioned in, but I do know that it was the one where Raven showed up in her new non-goth get-up and the girls of Coffee of Doom asked if a Jimmy Eat World video threw up on her. I know, gotta love my sense of priorities and what I remember. Anyway, this is a classic for those of you who weren't living under a rock the past decade+.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

little post today

I figured that it was ok for me to break my posting-every-day because I posted twice on Thursday which covered me for Friday. And I love how the title is "little post today" yet it's longer than the past few posts.

I went to one of the EGE's rocket launches today 'cause today was the launch where they would put pumpkins in some of the rockets and see how long they would stay up in the air. Not quite as cool as the pumpkin-launching catapults I saw in the news, but one of the pumpkins was on a 7-foot parachute so with the wind it probably flew for a good 10-15 minutes after it went out of sight. I was put in charge of picture taking, and I apparently took a few good shots. I was more happy that I figured out how to use one of the fancy digital SLRs.

And this has nothing to do with anything but anyone who goes to my school will know what happened to one of the football players today so I'm sending out my best wishes to him and his family.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yay! 2000 visits! You guys rock. As pathetic as it is that it took me this long to get to 2000 visits, I appreciate them all. Except for whatever rather large % is me.

And that offer of a cookie is still up for whoever was the 2000th visitor.



Did NOT see this one coming:
San Francisco Giants' Tim Lincecum wins second consecutive Cy Young

Not that I'm at all disappointed. I'm quite happy. It got me out of my pissy mood for about 5 minutes. I'm just surprised that he won it. I mean, I could've put money on one of those Cardinals pitchers winning it. And also that ahem little run-in with the Washington state police... But I'm happy he won.

That's all I feel like posting for right now. Off to do homework and wallow in my for-no-apparent-reason misery.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

now it's 444.

Again, my apologies for the psychout on Monday.

So! I feel special. I brought my laptop to school today 'cause I needed it after school to work on my thesis paper at the library. So here I am, being all cool and stuff with my own handy-dandy little laptop. I used it during bio for an assignment and it was so fast compared to the other laptops!

I guess I should start working on my paper instead of messing around on the computer. Or maybe I'll work on another story I'm writing. I'm not sure yet :)

Anyway, I'll be around. NL Cy Youngs get announced tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hooray for zack!

I am really glad he won the Cy Young. I mean, I don't have anything against King Felix or Verlander or anything but Zack had to bust his butt to do good this season, seeing as he pitches for a team that ah-hem has a history of being a little lacking in the run-scoring department. Apparently he had the lowest ERA (2.16) since Pedro Martinez's 1.74 in 2000, and his Cy Young is particularly interesting because he was tied for the lowest win count ever and no other AL Cy Young recipient has ever played for a team that bad (65-97 last year, the worst record for an AL team carrying the award. Sorry, Royals, but it's true.)

Yay Zack Greinke!

And since there's like no chance that Lincecum will win the NL Cy Young this year, I can just sit back, watch the Hot Stove League heat up and relax until April. Cheers!

Monday, November 16, 2009

4! :D

(this is my 444th post. And most of you should know that 4 is my favorite number.)
6:32pm- ok, apparently I lied. This is only my 442nd post 'cause I had 2 unposted drafts that counted towards my post total but not my posted posts. Oh well. Sorry for the psych-out.

Anyway, posting shall be sparse this week because i have a thesis paper rough draft due on Monday! Yippee! I promise to keep you posted about the awards and such, though. And as usual, I'll have a Drowning in Turtles comic for you tomorrow.

Muchas gracias para su cooperacion. (and yes I realize there's s'posed to be an accent there but it won't let me do it)

Oh, and PS: I realize that Christmas is only a little over a month away and everyone wants to be in the holiday spirit and whatnot but is it really necessary to be playing Christmas music already? We haven't even gotten past Thanksgiving yet! I'm not against the music or anything but mix it up a little! Intersperse it with normal music! There's only so many times I can hear various renditions of the same songs over and over again!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

information overload

Lots of things running through the Mandachan's mind lately. Driver's ed and how I'm ever going to manage leaving the comfort and safety of the parking lot. My thesis paper for US history that has a rough draft due next monday that I have yet to start. AP bio and classes in general. The fact that the 2-year anniversary of the blog is in January and somehow I need to think of a better summarizing post than last year. The combination of a power outage this morning, my laptop being fixed and the desktop being occupied preventing me from getting to my homework until now. Baseball awards, offseason trades, hoping my boys will stay where they are, still getting over the fact that the Defenders left and GOSH DANGIT WHY CAN'T WE JUST SKIP AHEAD TO SPRING TRAINING?!

Blah. Off to do homework :P

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I don't know if last night's game ended early because of rain or because of the score or because it was just a fast game or what (we got sent home 'cause it was raining too hard for us to play), but sheesh our football team was on a roll. This wasn't quite as bad as the 48-0 blowout in the first home game but still, 37-0 is still kinda sad. At least for the other team. I'm kinda bummed we didn't make it to states but I'm also glad because then I don't have to sit through December games which really suck.

...yeah, sorry, this isn't much of a post but I'm mostly just trying to keep up with the "posting every day" thing. Next week should be more interesting.

Friday, November 13, 2009

i've had worse

Much better today. Headache's gone, fever's mostly gone and now the only remnants are the sneezy/coughyness.

And despite it being Friday the 13th, nothing bad has happened to me (yet), aside from me completely guessing on one of my AP bio multiple-choice questions.

Tonight's our last marching band gig for football, and by the looks of it we're not gonna be playing. Hopefully if it does get canceled, it rains so hard that my stepdad won't want to stay at the game and then we can go home 'cause I either want to play at the game and have it be nice or to not be there at all (since sitting through a football game in the rain is not fun). Luckily, the powderpuff game also got canceled but that's 'cause the seniors were dumb and didn't sign up and you kinda can't have a junior/senior game without the seniors...

And with that, I should probably go do homework now.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I really hate being sick. I also hate missing school only because then I'm behind and then I feel like an idiot when I come back. I just really hope this blows over so I don't have to miss tomorrow too and then have to make up not one but two tests. 'Cause that would really suck.

Red Sox, This is Your Captain Speaking: 'Tek is back with the Sox, which I'm glad about. Yeah, he's had a bit of a sucky past two years, and yeah, I know we also have V-Mart, but 'Tek is like the team dad and he helps bring the team together. (ps: I don't know if he's still captain but I wanted to put that headline up anyway)

I guess that's it. Hang in there if you're sick, too (and that goes for computers as well, since I know there's a nasty computer virus going around).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

awards time!

The Gold Glove awards came out yesterday for the American League, which reminded me that hey, the other awards are coming soon! Congrats to Longoria and Mauer for their Gold Gloves, as well as to Torii Hunter and Ichiro for their 9th consecutive award (now that's skill). And might I add that being on the *gag* World Series-winning team does NOT guarantee a Gold Glove? I realize I'm an anti-Yankees fan but I can think of other people that are better at 1B and SS than them.

NL Gold Gloves to be awarded today, followed by the Silver Sluggers on Thursday, Rookies of the Year on the 16th, Cy Youngs on the 17th (go Zack Greinke!) and league MVPs on the 23rd.

Comments? Thoughts? I'll try to keep ya posted.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

here's the part where i think of a decent title.

...Apparently not.

Well hooray for me for posting every day for the past week. I know, lame accomplishment, but I tried.

Now for that QC Music Tour segment I promised you. Bright Eyes was also mentioned in comic #27, and this is actually a sweet song (sweet as in cute, adorable, that kind of sweet).

Monday, November 9, 2009

random thoughts for today

  • Hot Stove League news: the Sox agreed to a 2-year, $7mil deal with Wakefield, along with taking V-Mart's $7.1mil option through 2010 and trading 2 minor league pitchers to the Marlins for outfielder Jeremy Hermida. Unfortunately, 'Tek didn't get his $5mil club option exercised so he has until the end of the week to take advantage of his $3mil player option, and Gonzalez also didn't get his club option either, so he's technically a free agent now.
  • School fun: Everyone knows that this Friday is the 13th. I'm not superstitious or anything but I do find it a little strange that I have 2 tests and an article due that day, not to mention that Friday is our last marching band football game gig AND I have to stay after the game to manage the junior girls in the powderpuff game.
  • Driving Escapades #2 and 3: On Sunday, Mom took me down to the middle school to drive in the Escape... little did we know there was a munchkin football game there so not only did I have to work on parking in only my second time behind the wheel, I had to worry about other cars. It went mostly ok, except when she freaked out 'cause she thought I was gonna drive headfirst into the side of the school (my foot was on the brake, thankyouverymuch!). Today after driver's ed, which was boring as usual, my stepdad had me toodle around in the parking lot in the truck. Fine, whatever. And then he had me park. In the truck. Into a parking spot I couldn't just drive straight into. Needless to say, I am very glad that there were only imaginary cars there for me to crash into because I crashed into a few imaginary cars. But not too shabby for having to drive an insanely long truck. It'll still be a while 'til I get up the guts to leave the parking lot.
I also have a post idea but I need to plan it out so it'll be a few days 'til I have that ready. And I'll have a Drowning in Turtles comic tomorrow as well as another installment of the QC Music Tour.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

the counter lied

I don't know if it's set up to update from another time zone but I swear I saw at least 5 hits yesterday while I was online throughout the day. The mappy thing says I only got 3. Liar.

Hopefully I'll get out driving today. I'll be happy if I go over 10mph and leave the parking lot. Or if I learn the controls in the Escape seeing as driving escapade #1 occurred with the truck.

Sorry, this was mostly an excuse for me to say I've posted every day for almost a week. I feel special :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


News on the Timmy fiasco: apparently he worked out a deal with the prosecutor so that he wouldn't get the misdemeanor fine for the pot but he would get one for the pipe. And also the speeding ticket. Now before you all jump to conclusions and be all like "Hey that's cheap he's getting of easy 'cause he's famous and he's a native of where he got busted," that's not the case. The prosecutor dude said that that's just how they handle first-time offenses in the county, regardless of who they are. In the end, he's facing the $250 pipe charge, the $122 speeding ticket (that's $372 for those of you who are mathematically challenged) and a slap upside the head for being an idiot.

And as for a minor continuation of my sucky week, our football team lost 31-12 last night. Then again, I wasn't that concerned about it, especially 'cause I saw it coming after the other team scored in the first minute and a half. That's usually a pretty good indication of how the game is going to go. It was also kinda cold but I had layers and I hung out with friends after our band gig was done so it wasn't all that bad.

Friday, November 6, 2009

i'm having a bad week.

I swear, this week could not get any worse. And of course, now that I said that, it will. Somehow.
So. A breakdown of my week:
  • Tuesday: I got rejected from the school's NHS chapter while most of my friends got in. Hence the Chernobyl-style meltdown.
  • Wednesday: The Yankees won the World Series. I know, I didn't want the Phillies to win either but I REALLY didn't want the Yankees to win it.
  • Thursday: I found out about the World Series and also that one of my boys may or may not be a pothead. That's right. I was THIS close to taking my Lincecum shirt out of my closet and ripping it to shreds, I was so mad. Yeah, him speeding down I-5 wasn't good either, but this marijuana thing better be a one-time, fluke thing. 'Cause if it gets worse, he's getting the boot. And I will not be a happy camper.
  • Today: Realizing that this week has kinda sucked, I joked around, saying that "this week couldn't get any worse." I then proceeded to bite my lip to the point of bleeding not once but twice during history, I shut my thumb in the piano keyboard cover thing in band, get water splooshed in my face by my own water bottle during lunch and I'm just waiting for something else to happen. Ugh.

Now that I think of it, this would make a good Drowning in Turtles comic, with me going through the week and my little black storm cloud growing each day.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

mishmash post

Part One: The World Series. For everyone who was worried about it: it's just a game. It doesn't mean anything. The Yankees buy their World Series (what do you expect from a team whose third baseman is paid more than twice as much annually as the entire Connecticut Defenders team?). Everyone else earns their trophy. And that should be the end of my rant on this subject.

Part Two: Hot Stove League. I realize baseball season is technically over since last night sometime but sheesh, could the Royals have been any more on-the-ball? The Hot Stove League just started and already they sent Teahen to the White Sox for 2B Chris Getz and 3B Josh Fields.
Now supposedly this is just a rumor, and Teahen said it himself that he hadn't heard much, and that what he heard was that the rumor "was the Red Sox first thing this morning but maybe they just had the wrong Sox." But I highly doubt that this "rumor" would've been said to be true in 3 places (three links there), so I'm thinking Teahen got the boot.
I would've been fine with him coming up here but I'd rather see him down at the Big K to be Alex's backup and to be the awesome, multi-faceted player he is (seeing as he played 5 positions in various points of last year). And I also don't want to see this Fields kid replacing Alex but that's aside the point.

Part Three: QC Music Tour. I promised you yesterday. Here's "Seven" by Sunny Day Real Estate (band was mentioned in comic #27)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

mayday! mayday!

The Mandachan has been spotted driving a red, 2007 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab Long Bed around the high school campus in town. She did not leave the campus. She did not go over 10 mph. She found out how sensitive the gas and brake pedals are (the hard way). She realized that the truck does not have the same handling as, say, a go-kart or the ride-on lawnmower. But she did not crash into anything. She almost did, but she did not.

And aside from that and the minor (and by "minor" I mean "Chernobyl-style") meltdown I had yesterday after I received a letter from the NHS chapter at the school saying that I was basically a big loser 'cause I wasn't able to drop everything and volunteer all the time, nothing much has happened. I still won't have time to do a Drowning in Turtles comic this week because I don't have a final copy ready to scan and tweak, though. Sowwy. I should have the next installment of the QC Music Tour for you tomorrow.

8:04pm - yay the font is back to normal! thanks to the EGE for pointing out that half the post was in webdings.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

my bad.

Look, I had a Halloween party to go to, a lazy day where I only left the house once 'cause I was doing homework, and a journalism conference in which I was gone from like 5 this morning til about 7:30ish last night, so I haven't really had a lot of time to post.
Plus, I have more homework today, a webcomic to post and a link to a video to post that doesn't have anything to do with the QC Music Tour but it's still important. So please watch the video. You'll probably recognize the song, unless you were living under a rock in 2000. What's so important about this video that I HAD to interrupt the QC Music Tour with it? You see that guy there in the first few seconds? The lead singer of Nine Days, John Hampson? Yeah, that guy? I met him yesterday. It was awesome. He was a speaker during the conference and he sang for us and it was so cool.

So yeah. I guess that's it.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

clear the roads!

Tie up your pets! Secure your mailboxes! The Mandachan has her permit!

Haha, I'm only kidding. Well, not about the me having my permit part. That's true. I'm talking about the me being a crazy driver, which I don't think I will be but since I've never sat in the driver's seat other than to turn the radio on, you never know. I'm actually quite terrified of it. I blame all those movies we had to watch in driver's ed about people having self confidence and then crashing and burning and dying. :P

And yes, I am awesome for getting it on Halloween :)

Speaking of Halloween, does anyone know if ninjas and secret agents can get along? 'Cause if not, then Houston, we have a problem ;)

Whatever. Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain! Happy Day of the Dead prep!

Friday, October 30, 2009

so yeah.

Sorry, nothing much to talk about today. Except that tomorrow is Halloween which is awesome. I shall be going as an agent from the USDKYA (for those of you who do not get the joke, look here). It should be easy. Black pants, black tanktop, black shoes, black trenchcoat borrowed from a friend, black fedora borrowed from same friend, sunglasses again borrowed from same friend...
A guy on my bus this morning had a costume of a pun so bad it was good, though. He came on the bus dressed in a suit and a Santa hat. His costume? A "business claus(e)."

Oh, and for probably your last bit of Defenders news ever, their move to Richmond has been complete with the finalization of their new name, the Richmond Flying Squirrels. Yes. The Flying Squirrels. What is this, little league? Apparently a bunch of T-ballers must've submitted the names, as the runners-up were the "Flatheads" (No. No naming teams after songs.), the "Rock Hoppers" (Penguins? Really?), the "Rhinos" (Great. Big, smelly, wrinkly things.) and the "Hush Puppies" (Shoes? Fried food? Either way, not cool.) But come on. The Flying Squirrels? Ooh, I'm really scared.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

i love this.

The 'Ropolitans is an awesome blog. And this awesome blog has an even awesomer poll on it about the World Series. Now, I don't know which team you're rooting for in the Series, but what I do know is that I'm not sure what I like more about the poll, the fact that "Meteor" is an option or that 50% of the votes on the poll are for said "Meteor". Because nothing says "I love baseball" more than wanting to blow up the Fall Classic.

Hooray for the concert tonight. And if I hear anyone else call it a chorus concert, I shall put them in a headlock along with the next person and smash their heads together. It is not a chorus concert. It is a combined concert, meaning chorus and band. Yeah. Band. You know, that thing with the instruments and the songs that you actually have to think about and have an imagination to understand the story? I realize no one really likes band, and that the tickets sell out only because of the choruses, but you can't ignore us. Especially when we're the opening act.

'Tis all. Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"i bought a window display..."

And now for that QC Music Tour. Enon was mentioned in comic 7, and I was awesome enough to have found the actual song in the background, "Window Display." The video is a little fuzzy, sorry. Hope you like it. Like I said, comments are welcome, and hopefully the reaction buttons are at the bottom.
EDIT: Ok, apparently not. I'll have to fix that at some point.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

now that the postseason is officially ruined...

i am going to show my disapproval by revolting from my ways and capitalizing.

Now that I have that off my face, now would be a good time to introduce my next big project. It's probably common knowledge on here that I read Questionable Content, and those of you that also read it know that there's a lot of bands mentioned that mainstream people like me have never even heard of. That being said, I am going to embark on a magical journey of indie rock music this offseason, accompanied by the awesome but occasionally annoying EGE from Amateur Geek fame. Or at least he told me he'd help by being the grand borrower of library CDs for the escapade. I had also planned to write a mini-review for each band mentioned, but by being in journalism class at school, I know that I suck at writing reviews, so instead you'll just get the video, the link to the comic it's mentioned in (if I remember) and maybe a few comments from the peanut gallery.
So. Whatcha think? Yes? No? Comments from readers/viewers are welcome. In fact, they're encouraged. Unless you're just gonna bust me up about actually capitalizing, in which case that's not cool. Or if you think the video sucks, in which case you'll have to suck it up. The videos posted will be approved by me and that's all that matters. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009


you would think that if i was rooting for 5 out of the 8 teams in the postseason that, oh, i don't know, AT LEAST ONE OF THEM WOULD BE IN THE WORLD SERIES. the baseball gods must not like me right now. as far as i'm concerned, the postseason is already over. poke me when lincecum and greinke win the cy youngs and then poke me again when spring training starts.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


well for starters i probably should've clarified why i haven't posted since thursday but i had too much going through my mind to remember that. i was in upstateish new york visiting ithaca college 'cause they have sports media (journalism and stuff) as an actual major which is awesome. my whole trip was one big ohmygawd. omg i'm so excited. omg how long is this frickin' car ride. omg where are we. omg civilization. omg i'm tired. (next day) omg too early. omg this campus is beautiful. omg this place is cool. omg this sports media program is amazing (with a minor omg in this is really competitive). omg this food is good. omg this college is expensive. and finally omg i don't want to leave!

all i can say is that i'm torn.

two more wins for the angels and they'll be facing the phillies. game 6 tonight at the land of crappy foundations.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

fair enough

i'm still a little bummed that i even have to be dragged down to the point where i have to root for the phillies.
and for some reason, this whole thing with the angels reminds me of the movie angels in the outfield. that's a little weird since i've never seen the movie. but the parts of the ads i've seen involve the angels winning the pennant and getting a little divine help.

come on guys! rally monkey!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


i never thought i'd have to say this, but *gulp* please win tonight, phillies, and please make a red sox-like comeback this weekend, angels. please. i really don't want to see the dodgers go to the world series, and i REALLY don't want to see the yankees there either. i realize that i don't really like either of you, especially the angels because you swept the red sox, but i really need this series to go in the not suckiest way possible. besides, if the angels win, it'll be even more of a comeback, having lost an amazing pitcher just a few days into the season.

come on! let's do this for nick!

(and happy birthday to zack greinke)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

that's just cold.

apparently ticket big-wig stubhub has something against mets fans. or maybe it's just their computer. emails were sent out offering tickets to games so fans could "be there alongside their new york mets as they chase baseball immortality." yeah, it was just a glitch in the computer system, but the 2009 season was not one for fans to remember and they were eliminated from the playoffs back in july. that's just not right.

and now i shall be off to listen to random music and work on my two spanish projects. 5 months and 16 days 'til opening day.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

another lame title

seeing as i just woke up and i am tired and trying to procrastinate on history homework.

so for your CS baseball recap. yankees ahead 2 and 0, phillies/dodgers tied at 1 apiece. i honestly don't care anymore but i figure that someone who will read this likes any of those 4 teams.

eh, homecoming was alright. we had to have a huge photo shoot beforehand and i loathe getting my picture taken, there was at least one other girl there wearing my dress which isn't a shocker for a $35 kohls dress, the yankees/angels game was sorta making me mad, i'm a complete dancing failure and the best part was me and a few friends skipping through the hallways towards the end doing the hokey pokey but other than that...

exciting stuff coming this week. maybe.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


just a few weird things today i feel i should write about since the postseason is no longer interesting and i don't feel like bombarding you with more videos right now.

first off, this week is spirit week. and it is probably one of the easiest spirit weeks i have seen. i mean, the days were pirate day (which was the hardest), pajama day (which actually took a step out of most people's routines), tie-dye day (which most people own 'cause of sports) and class color day (which is just wearing the primary color that represents your class).
exactly. mad easy, right? but someone who shall remain nameless (*coughcough*) refuses to participate in what is the easiest thing ever on the principle that they have "no emotional connection to the school and dressing up and looking crazy is stupid." hello! that's what halloween is about: dressing up and looking stupid and having fun while doing it. besides, school has more sentimental value than most people think. and to think that two semi-civilized people could have a fight over a tie-dye shirt. *sigh*

on a sorta lighter note, today was also marked by another one of our school's classic "epic fails". i was in spanish class, about 15 minutes til school got out and the fire alarm went off. no big deal, we went outside... in the cold... and rain... and were held out there until like 2 minutes before the end of school. at this point, we were all freezing and wet and had figured something was wrong, we had heard that it was either an actual fire (i wouldn't've been surprised, food caught on fire in home ec freshman year and we had to evacuate) or a gas leak down in the shops area.
yeah. about that. i got home and received a message from the school saying the fire alarm went off 'cause the sensor in that hallway was being stupid and went off out of the blue. i mean, they spend enough time fixing the gosh darn things, you'd think they would work properly.

and finally, we had to fumigate the house today for a carpet treatment thing so i got the pleasure of coming home to a house that was a balmy 46 degrees. i'm surprised i can even type.

4:23pm: and now it's snowing. SNOWING. IN OCTOBER. what the heck.

blarg. this weekend will be busy with homecoming game/dance and PSATs and that sorta crap. you know, the usual routine.

and PS: for anyone that reads my webcomic, i swear i posted the strip of darkness before xkcd posted its all-black strip. i'm just psychic and awesome like that :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


i know, homework, school, busy, blah blah blah. i swear i have more coming but it won't be til after this weekend

in the meantime, enjoy:

Monday, October 12, 2009


'cause heaven forbid the postseason go the way i wanted it to. come on! i was rooting for two teams! chances should've been good that at least one of them would've gotten into the ALCS! oh well. *gag* go angels in the ALCS. wake me up when the offseason ends.

and ironically enough, this came up on itunes this morning:

Saturday, October 10, 2009


grr. both the teams i'm rooting for are now down 0 and 2 in the ALDSs. once again, i realize the sox have gotten themselves out of sticky situations like this but i really don't want to have to watch an angels/yankees ALCS!

and this is completely off topic but anyone who ever has to go to DMV for anything (which i feel bad for you 'cause it sucks), don't go on a holiday weekend. they will be closed. even if the holiday is on a monday which they have off anyway. i got up at practically the crack of dawn so we could get there early and get my permit but they were closed. now i gotta either skip school or wait until next month to get it 'cause saturdays are too busy this month (between PSATs, homecoming, college visits, etc.)

and i got 4 shots yesterday which is normally no big deal but that tetanus one really hurt and now it hurts to lift my arm past my shoulder. it's a darn good thing i'm not a lefty.

and i also had an epic fail yesterday 'cause i ran into the whiteboard in spanish class during a game and i knocked it off the clips. yes. i completely broke the clips and knocked down the whiteboard. luckily my spanish teacher was more concerned about me than the board (i'm fine, just a bruise/scratch on my hip where i ran into the tray), and she said the board had to come down anyway to install the smartboard. phew. but omg was it funny. we couldn't breathe 'cause we were all laughing so hard.

Friday, October 9, 2009


twins @ yankees, sox @ angels, blah blah blah. i found an awesome blog yesterday!
Life and Baseball is run by the ever-awesome Grayce, and i say that because she got extra bonus points automatically for having a picture of grady sizemore on her blog. she's rooting for the yankees in the postseason so that'll give us some interesting banter fodder... :)

'tis all. enjoy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

shake it off

even though one game in a best-of-5 series could mean the difference, the first one really doesn't. the twins can still pull it off. i mean, the red sox have gotten themselves out of a 3 and 0 hole before.

speaking of the red sox, the sox and the angels face off in anaheim at 9:40something tonight, which means i probably won't catch the game but i'll get the score tomorrow so it's not a big deal.

i'm hoping for a twins/sox ALCS showdown sometime late next week :)

and for a general question for anyone that reads this, does anyone have any good blogs or webcomics i can read? i have a pretty decent lineup but i'm looking for more. any suggestions are welcome. muchas gracias.

in the mean time, enjoy this video of miscellaneous bloopers from the first half.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


too much homework. i don't even really have much to write about aside from the tigers/twins deathmatch tonight.

oh, and that there's another comic up on drowning in turtles.... well it's not a comic 'cause i didn't have time to do one this week but it's funny and awkward and i sorta made it. it really should be on here but since i have more pictures to tweak, that won't be the end.

'tis all. postseason coverage coming soon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

one game play-off

*clap clap clapclapclap*

come on, didn't everyone see this coming? and now i'm in a toss-up to whether i want to see joe mauer in the playoffs or rick porcello. hmmm...

and because only one of my 5 will actually be playing in october, i might as well do a little stats monkeying for you right now.
ellsbury finished the season at .301 with 27 doubles, 10 triples, 8 homers and 70 stolen bases in 150 games . gotta love when stolen bases outnumber RBIs :)
alex finished with an average of .232, which isn't bad seeing as he only played 49 games. he had 6 each of doubles and home runs (2 of those homers being in the last two games).
salty ended up playing 89 games behind the plate with an average of .233, 12 doubles and 9 home runs.
lincecum went 15 and 7 with an ERA of 2.48 and 261 strikeouts, which is good for 2nd in the majors behind verlander (that one missed start killed him)
and finally, dan haren finished at 14 and 10 with a 3.14 ERA and 223 strikeouts.

and with that, on with the postseason!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

...aaand i am drawing a blank

(not the book, even though that was one of the better books i've read in a while)

i apologize for the lack of interestingness, though the postseason will start sometime next week, pending the tigers and twins don't have a big AL central tiebreaking deathmatch that takes up a lot of time. i'll keep you posted with hopefully some baby recaps of how the sox do against the angels, but i start drivers ed next week plus i have to work on thesis paper stuff so the posting might be a bit sparse.

ugh i am so tired right now. we had a quasi-movie night last night with the cast of "drowning in turtles" (you know, all 3 of us) which really didn't even involve watching any movies. we played a few games, realized there was nothing of importance on the tv aside from the red sox winning and the rays beating the living daylights out of cc sabathia, stargazed a while even though it was cloudy and almost fell asleep while listening to the who. unfortunately, i am not one to function well late at night, and being with friends in a really relaxing setting doesn't really help.
and then this morning i had to go dress-shopping for homecoming, which actually wasn't all that bad. i just felt weird for showing up to kohls dressed like a bum in a crappy pair of jeans and my royals shirt and walking around carrying a decent-looking dress. and remind me again why girls have to wear sucky shoes to things like dances?

so yeah. postseason, miscellaneous school crap, lack of sleep. yippee. and a shoutout to a certain friend for a "happy 6 <3" (this person knows who they are)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

best matchup ever!

all i have to say is look at today's MLB schedule. specifically the d-backs/giants game this afternoon. i've been waiting all season for a timmy/danny matchup and it's finally here. this is gonna be great. mostly because i won't know who to root for since i don't like the d-backs or the giants, just my boys. too bad the game isn't on ESPN so i could see both of them, especially when they go to bat against each other. guess the gamecast will have to suffice.

and while looking at yesterday's picture post, i realized that those pics lend themselves particularly well to funny speech bubbles. i'll have to do that at some point, add funny paint things to them.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


but not in the way we would've liked. texas lost to the AL west champion angels, so even though buchholz got hammered last night (6 home runs is never a good thing. unless it's on our side), we still got the wild card.
the royals lost a close one with the yankees (yes, you heard me right), walk-off 4-3. alex kinda sorta sucked in the part i saw, striking out twice and committing an error but he had a single and a run so that sorta makes up for that.

and now for some lovely pictures, courtesy ESPN, the kansas city star and boston dirt dogs.

i can guess what came out of his mouth when he let that ball go by. (hint: it starts with an "s" and ends with a "t")

dangit alex! quit playing with your gum and field the gosh darn ball! :)

if i hadn't known better, i would've thought that lind was getting tickled to death.

and a lovely picture of the typical "papelbon being papelbon" in '07's AL east clinching. obviously more of a celebration than last night.

'tis all. i'll have a good one for ya tomorrow :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

random stuff

ok so i don't have much to write about but my dad sent me this awesome video and i finally figured out how to upload it so watch it OR ELSE

Monday, September 28, 2009

remind me again...

...why i used to count down the days of summer vacation 'til the start of school?
ugh i hate homework. i hate deadlines. i hate not being able to fit everything in my backpack. and i hate that the homework load plus working on my thesis paper could pose problems with me covering postseason and offseason news. that being said, posting shall be a tad light until decemberish but i'll try to get the important stuff up.

now, all that needs to happen is for the red sox to win the wild card and do awesome enough in the playoffs for me to be able to waste homecoming by watching the game, and lincecum and zack greinke need to win the cy youngs.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

not bad. not bad at all.

obviously i'm talking about the football game i went to last night. we ended up beating the other team 48-0, but luckily it wasn't all in the first half so we didn't have to keep playing "on wisconsin" when they kept scoring. i don't think the seniors would've wanted to do that many push-ups, either. the best part, though, was that the other team's mascot, which was a black panther, came over to our stands and started dancing with the cheerleaders and hugging our band directors. it was so funny and we wanted to give the person a hi-5 for having those kinda guts.

sorry. my band geekage is done for right now.

the stankees won last night. booooo. which means the red sox lost. booooo. and so did the royals. booooo (funny photo gallery, though). and lincecum lost. booooo. basically, anyone i cared about either lost or had an 0-fer. booooo.

and i have a lot of homework this weekend which means i can't go to the big e with my dad! booooo!

Friday, September 25, 2009

no more.

(darn last post was #404. i should've done an error post.)

anyway, the red sox managed a series split with the royals and last night's 10-3 win. my boys did pretty good too, with ellsbury racking up 3 hits, 2 runs and a ribbie, and alex going 2 for 4 (with an error but that's ok, it happens).
no more red sox/royals 'til april 7-9 and may 27-30 of next year. already counting down ;)

on a more depressing note, the connecticut defenders are also a "no more". they are officially moving to richmond, virginia this offseason. which makes me sad. defenders games were a lot of fun to go to, we got good seats cheap and saw generally good games, and it was really easy for us to just drive and go see a game some night. and there was also the slight chance that if lincecum got injured or sucked, i'd get to see him pitch...
fingers crossed that the single-A team that is s'posed to come and play at dodd stadium next year is a good one.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

gotta be equal opportunity

i guess, since i saw all the action of tuesday's game, i guess it's only fair that i saw absolutely nothing of interest in last night's game except for ellsbury's 2 Ks and alex's 1-pitch flyout. of course ellsbury did much better afterwards with a triple and a run, but alex had a quiet night so i'm not too concerned about missing that.

it's both my boys! in one picture! <3

so yeah. series (*sniff*) finale tonight at 8:10. i'm gonna bring my radio to open house tonight so i can listen to the game while selling spirit week t-shirts for class advisory.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

heh. talk about fluff.

i only ended up watching 3 innings of the game last night but saw all 5 royals runs and both of my boys go up to bat twice so in the grand scheme of things, i saw what i needed to. i was surprised they left byrd in there so long after he bombed the first inning.

i'm gonna leave it at that as i wallow in my misery over getting a sucky grade on my ap bio test and the fact that i'm getting dragged into school activities i don't want to do (the person i'm referring to knows who they are).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

boo for television premieres

because of the 2-hour house premiere, me and my all-intentive purpose of watching the game got ousted from the tv. so i was basically SOL until i got my radio out and listened to the game that way. i ended up listening to the exciting part of the game, where dinardo was running into some issues and 1 run turned into 6. i also heard alex getting that rbi single (he went 2 for something with a single and a double and 2 rbis and a run) and ellsbury getting his 2-run single (that was all he did), so my wish was partially fulfilled. hopefully i'll be able to physically see my boys tonight, 8:10.
ps: in case you didn't hear, the royals won 12-9.

and as a little minor side note thing, i understand the whole postseason beard thing, and some people, like danny, are known by that, but it just doesn't work on other people. take the phillies' jayson werth, for example. he looks like a legit caveman in that ESPN article online.
that's all. off to enjoy food and homework and piano.

Monday, September 21, 2009

and now for a more meaningful red sox/royals series

since alex will actually be playing this time. i wore my royals socks in commemoration seeing as today was part one of picture day and i would've gotten yelled at if i had worn a baseball shirt in the picture.

so yeah. game time 8:10 ET at the big k. i wish i could stay up and watch the whole game but i have a massive AP bio test tomorrow and staying up til 11 watching baseball the night before a big test is not a good idea.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


it's actually kinda pathetic that it took me this long to get to 400 posts but i'm busy and even though i don't really have much of a life, i still have homework and other miscellaneous shtuff to do.

so anyway. sox won last night on buchholz's 5-hitter (he has just been amazing lately which is really good as the sox continue on their wild card run). ellsbury had 2 singles, an RBI and stolen base #62, and he hit a home run on thursday which i missed but that's still cool.

royals creamed buehrle and the white sox 11-0, and alex had a double and a run.

and this is late news, but i didn't really want to ruin the dan haren birthday post with the news that salty has to have season-ending surgery on monday to fix his TOS. obviously i'm bummed but i'd rather see him get it fixed rather than play through it and suck or have something worse happen as a result of the untreated TOS.

and with that, i am now going to begin freaking out about my AP bio test on tuesday and all the crap i have to fill out for the NHS application. ugh.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

mini post!

sox won, royals lost, rangers lost but we have a birthday to celebrate today!

is it bad that i laugh whenever i see him referred to as "danny"? 'cause i do. i can't help it.

oh well. happy 29th, danny!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

too busy!

between homework and trying to deal with my busted knee, i'm wiped.

so yeah. sox are on a 6-win streak, including dice-k's first start last night since june in an 4-1 win over the angels. they're 5.5 games ahead in the wild card.
royals have also been on a streak (2 wins but still), and even though they're eliminated, they have been doing really good lately, and they won 11-1 against the tigers last night.
timmy pitched the other night, 9-1 win over the rockies. i've already said this but he REALLY needs a haircut.
danny pitched last night, getting his 14th win, 4-2, over the padres. he also had a single.

ok that's it. again, i apologize for the scattered posting but i'm swamped.

Monday, September 14, 2009

um, yeah.

this is a fair warning to all you faithful readers: do not run the wrong way on an escalator. it is very tempting, but it will end in tragedy. i found out the hard way. needless to say, whoever is in charge of the video cameras underneath the arena at mohegan sun must've had a field day watching me fall. everyone who found out about the story is in a toss-up between "OMG are you ok?" and "OMG i can't believe you were stupid enough to actually try that."

as for your baseball recap, the red sox swept a double-header against the rays to eliminate the skidding floridians, and the royals and rangers both won but alex had the day off and salty still hasn't played yet.
and speaking of alex, check out this great picture i found of him the other day:

(he just looks so happy. and his hair/stubble makes me laugh.)

hopefully timmy's back will be all good for his start tonight against the rockies.

and as a final thought, hobbling around with a bum knee SUCKS. especially in school. where there's stairs. and i have to choose between safety/comfort and efficiency during the rush hours of between classes.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

i'm a bad fan

yes i realize yesterday was ellsbury's birthday so therefore i should've done a birthday post but i was swamped, between homework and being a band geek at the local fair.

so instead you get this.

happy 26th birthday extended, ellsbury!

luckily, all is not lost, as ellie also did a post. thanks for saving my butt, there, ellie :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

guess what today is...

yeah sorry don't have much today. aside from the awesome date. and that alex got called up but you already know that. and that timmy got scratched from his start 'cause of back issues which sucks but madison bumgarner got the start instead which is cool 'cause he's a former defender.

happy birthday to michael bowden, kyle davies, michael buble (yeah i know there's an accent, it won't let me put it in) and mario batali.

have fun. danny pitches tonight.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

just kidding!


*another sigh*

sox are (gack!) 9 games behind the stankees, salty hasn't played in a while, alex isn't out of triple-A yet and i'm starting to think that it'll take a miracle for the sox to make it into the postseason far enough so i can spend a good chunk of homecoming watching the game like i have the past 2 years.

games tonight, don't remember when except the rangers have a doubleheader and timmy's pitching tonight for the giants.

and happy birthday to bobby parnell, gil meche and p!nk.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

*slaps self on hand*

i'm sorry! i'm sorry! i'm busy! and i'll try to make this quick!

first, congrats to the EGE (aka david) for 500 posts. i'm jealous.

second, a quick recap:
sox creamed the sox 12-2. unfortunately, the red sox weren't the ones doing the creaming.
lincecum had a semi-CUG the other night, losing 2-1. darn you, pedro.
dan haren pitched 6 innings last night in the d-backs' 5-4 loss but he did amazing hitting-wise, getting a double and a run and a sac fly.
salty is off the DL but won't be able to catch for a while 'cause of his arm so he'll just be used for pinch-hitting or -running.
and as much as i hated alex getting demoted, he's beasting it up in triple-A. he's had multi-hit games the last few days and it is nice :)

ok, more next week.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

another quick update

'cause i have homework i gotta do

sox beat rays 8-4

i don't remember the rangers or royals game scores but i'm mad right now 'cause salty is having issues with his arm again so there's a chance he might not come back this season. and now alex had to miss the last few AAA starts 'cause of his shoulder EDIT: jk he didn't miss last night, he went 1 for 4 with a 2-run home run. now back to what i was saying. obviously i want the best for my guys and the teams but i also want them back so i'm torn.

yeah, salty, i know, i'm bummed too...

Monday, August 31, 2009

why does tomorrow have to be tomorrow

i am personally freaking out about school starting tomorrow, but i'll keep that mostly contained as i try to post and put more music on my ipod and hate my allergy attackish thing that got brought on by me cleaning my room yesterday.

the sox completed their sweep of the jays with a 7-0 5-hit wonder by byrd. to be quite honest with you, i had kinda forgotten about him. *slaps wrist* bad me! billy wags pitched an inning of relief (don't know if that's his first appearance as a sock but that's the first time i've seen him) and he struck out the side which was cool.

dan haren got his 13th win in a 4-3 game against the astros. he went 7 innings, giving up 3 runs on 6 hits and 7 strikeouts, and he had a hit of his own.

greinke 1-hitted the mariners for an awesome 3-0 win but since alex isn't there, i guess there's not much to say about that. he'll be back for a "call-up".

speaking of call-ups, salty's been doing some rehab with double-A frisco, and he should also be ready to go by tomorrow.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


i didn't really think much of this (ellie pointed it out to me over facebook, actually) but the rangers' 3B chris davis looks kinda like alex at a quick glance. freaky.

lookalikes aside, last night was pretty good. lincecum pitched 8 innings of 4-hit, SO ball against the rockies for a 2-0 win and the sox rallied twice against the bluejays to beat them 6-5. alex didn't do so hot in his game last night (0-for-4 with a walk and 3 Ks), but salty is slated to return on tuesday 'cause his shoulder isn't hurting him much anymore so that's good.

ugh busy week. between band camp and visiting at the hospital, i'm tired. more of substance next week.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

now back to our scheduled programming

sortof. it'll still be a bit sparse until school starts, maybe even after that.

ok so since most of the contents of my birthday weekend wouldn't interest many and don't really have anything to do with the blog anyway, i'll just recap about the games i went to.

defenders/b-mets, saturday: so. i learned 2 things about eating tacos. #1, taking a little drink tray regardless of whether i needed it was a very good idea as it minimized the spillage, and #2, when getting an autograph from a player, i needed to make sure my hands were clean beforehand or, better yet, i should've been more observant, gotten the autograph first (potentially a few more) and then eaten my tacos.

taco shmoo or not, i got brandon crawford's autograph and that is awesome.
the defenders had a walk-off win on a 2-out, bottom-of-the-ninth, down by one, full count 2-run shot, which is the 2nd walk-off i've seen there. the whole time the guy was up to bat, i was chanting "2-run home run, 2-run home run" and once he hit it, everyone knew it was gone.
i also got a giants beanie that was part of the promo :)

unfortunately, the pawsox lost their game on sunday against the ironpigs, 4-2, but it was my first time at mccoy stadium and it was really nice. most of the seats were in the shade, the seating was... well, very stadium seating-like (if anyone has been to the gershwin theater and sat in the balcony, it's like those seats), which was great, and we were in foul-ball territory just past the screen behind home plate so we were really close. i knew a lot of the players from watching the sox, like josh reddick, jeff bailey, charlie zink, etc.

and that is my story. now, off to band camp and superhero day. i'm gonna deck someone in my squad if i'm the only one who participates.

Monday, August 24, 2009

happy birthday toooo...

and of course, myself :D

if you do not know any of these people, i will have to kick you.

have a nice day.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

attention k-mart shoppers!

i know i already said this but this weekend especially is going to be VERY light on the blogging. my birthday party is tomorrow, i'm going to a local fundraiser open house thing and then a defenders game on saturday, i'm going to a pawsox game on sunday and then monday is not only my actual birthday day but 9-to-4 band camp starts.

i know, all you faithful readers are just SO disappointed (one of you shouldn't be since i'll see you practically all weekend and next week). i guess you're just gonna have to get your game recaps the hard way, by going on ESPN or the omaha royals website. oh, darn ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

rant time

i think i deserve one.

read these 4 links if you want, but they all say the same bum-out-ing thing: alex got demoted to triple-A omaha so they could make roster space for farnsworth. i guess some of what they're saying has some truth, like the fact that he was thrown into the whirlwind of trying to make the royals better before he was actually ready (i mean, he jumped from double-A to the majors), and it'll apparently give him a chance to regroup, but that doesn't make it any better.

gah! why do all the bad things always have to happen to my boys near my birthday?! i mean, alex went on the DL last year a few days before and ellsbury cut himself up crashing into a wall actually on my birthday, and this year salty went on the DL about a week ago and now alex is a minor-leaguer! of all times to do this!!!!
6:26pm: and now salty officially has TOS. will this ever end?!?!

though, as a silly side note, the picture in the last one made me laugh 'cause his hair is long-ish and now that i'm used to it being short, it looks kinda silly. but in a cute kinda way.


sox won, rangers lost, giants won but lincecum didn't get the win.

that is all. carry on.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"i'm trying to think of something witty and profound to say...

...but i'm drawing a blank."

the teams that did play last night didn't have my 5 on them so it's almost not worth doing a recap of. sox @ bluejays (7:07), twins @ rangers (8:05), royals at white sox (8:11) and lincecum is pitching against the reds in cincinnati (7:10)

yeah, nothing much other than the epic squad leadering session yesterday, which didn't really amount to much other than going over the basic commands and tying ourselves into the human knot. that was fun.

new comic on drowning in turtles!

Monday, August 17, 2009


so. it's official that salty's on the DL, and going by the symptoms, they (you know, those "they" people) think he might have thoracic outlet syndrome. swimmers and volleyball players tend to get it more often, but ironically enough, 4 out of the 6 MLBers that supposedly also have (or had) TOS are also rangers, including hank blalock and matt harrison, who is out for the season while waiting for surgery later in the year. it's basically compression of the nerves and arteries near the shoulder area, but if left untreated could lead to more serious problems.
worst case scenario, salty will miss the rest of the season which would suck, yes, but at least they caught it early.

(thanks to wikipedia and the NINDS)

on a lighter note, happy 26th birthday to pedroia :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

not him too!

the title is actually relevant to two things

1. both david wright and ian kinsler got beaned in the head in their games yesterday/last night. kinsler ended up staying in the game, so obviously he was relatively ok, but wright had to leave the game. i hope they're both ok and that the pitchers that beaned them work on their apparent control issues.

2. and now salty's going on the DL!!!! he had some arm issues the past few weeks, he left friday's game with a numb hand, and now it's official that he's going on the 15-day DL with a "sore right arm". oh no!!!! :'(

Saturday, August 15, 2009

another short post

since it's hot out and i don't really feel like doing a whole one.

sox beat rangers 8-4, royals lost to the tigers 1-0, and dan haren won the game the other night but i don't remember the score.

i also went to a defenders game last night, they won 6-5 in 10 and it was probably one of the best played games i've seen there. of course, most of the defenders runs occurred while i was talking to baseball card guy up in the concourse, but that's ok. i more felt bad 'cause baseball card guy went through his whole stash to try to find a salty card for me (he psyched me out with a teagarden one) and couldn't find one, but i got another alex card and another dan haren card.

just as an FYI, the next two weeks will be light on the blogging 'cause i'll be at band camp, but i'll be one of the in-charge people so i get to go around and annoy everyone else with the cowbell and there will be no stopping me! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

just like a sugar high

i actually impressed myself yesterday with how well i kept my... composure, i guess, after pulling an almost-all-nighter. now i'm starting to feel it. ugh. i'll try to keep this quick.

beckett got his 14th win in a 8-2 win over the tigers for the series win (looking for the 4-game sweep today). i felt special 'cause i saw almost all the runs score. gotta love that scoring randomness where whenever i sit down for a few minutes, they score. ellsbury had an 0-fer, though :(

the royals lost to the twins 7-1 but alex didn't play. i find it funny that he and big papi have the same batting average (.220)

the rangers and indians basically did the same thing they did on tuesday except the rangers won 5-0 this time. and salty had another 0-fer.

and the giants beat the dodgers 4-2 in 10. i was looking at the box score and couldn't figure out why lincecum didn't get the win because he had only give up 2 runs on 4 hits through 8 2/3... but then i saw that the relief pitcher (wilson) had not only pitched a perfect 1 1/3 to finish the game, he struck them all out. i think that's an acceptable excuse.