Thursday, December 4, 2008

woo. sortof. not really.

that woo is about 1/3 real and 2/3 sarcastic.
the actual 'woo' is because we (as in the school football team which i'm not really part of but it's our school, so...) made it to the state finals which is this weekend. we beat... some school not in our county 43-0. it was a nice quick game and not nearly as cold as the last game.
the sarcastic part of the 'woo' is because i have my black sox scandal thesis report due tomorrow AND i have a chemistry test tomorrow and i'm really nervous 'cause i don't want to get bad grades on either (well, duh). wish me luck! (i'll need it)

and the sox gave pedroia a 6-year, $40.5 million extension with an $11 million option for year 7. not including the option, that's almost $7 million a year. that is an insane amount of money. and the deal with tazawa is officially official. (...and i just totally repeated myself...)

and gruddy is almost 100% sure that he's not resigning with the royals, so i can see some infield musical chairs going on this offseason, since he was their main 2B before he screwed up his ankle. i wouldn't mind seeing aviles take over, but he's probably gonna stay at SS.

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