Tuesday, December 30, 2008

what. the. heck.

i think we need to do some more swappage with the royals. not because they have people we want (aside from the obvious :D), but because i just realized we have a buttload of pitchers, which is what they so very badly need. let's see, our offseason arrivals: junichi tazawa (pitcher from japan), billy traber (minor league pitcher from the yankees), ramon ramirez (pitcher from the royals), miguel gonzalez (pitcher from rule 5 draft), and now brad penny (pitcher from the dodgers). the only non-pitcher we got so far is padres catcher josh bard.

so yeah, it'd be kinda dumb to give the royals back the reliever they gave us, but they seriously need a bullpen. and you know i want alex here, aside from the fact that it would cause a major CF (and i do not mean center field) 'cause we already have lowell (and youk and casey in a pinch). and i'm glad that we temporarily fixed our catching dilemma but once again, you know that i want salty here.

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