Tuesday, December 9, 2008


the mets signed k-rod, $37million, 3 years. that's cool.

and no word yet on what varitek is doing, but he isn't going to the mets for schneider. i deem it necessary now to start banging fists on the table and start a 'trade for salty' chant. DO IT! DO IT NOW! :)

oh, and you'll appreciate this, ellie: i was on chat with david earlier this afternoon and he said he was talking to mike jacobs and i was like 'mike jacobs as in the royals first baseman mike jacobs?!?!' and i got all excited but it wasn't him, it was some dude at our school.
and i also read the headline that one of the royals' former managers got inducted into the hall of fame and because the dude's last name was gordon (no relation to alex), i kept thinking it was alex 'cause i kept putting 'royals' and 'gordon' together. whoops, wrong one :D.

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Ellie said...

that's what happens to me when i hear gordon.

and also, this one time my mom and sister were in the kitchen watching the news and there is a news reporter named david wright so they BOTH called to me that david was on tv so i run to the kitchen to see it is a different david wright... that was disappointing