Monday, December 8, 2008


oh well. we lost the championship, 16-14. i'm not that concerned (i mean, it's not like we were like that other school in the 43-0 game), and at least we made it to states. and for new management, i thought that the team did really good.

apparently the mets are considering swapping their catcher brian schneider (aka mr. boo-boo thumb) for some pitcherage. that'd be cool. i'm still all over the pitcher-for-salty deal, but the rangers shipped laird to detroit, so there's a smaller chance of us getting salty. i just hope we can keep varitek 'cause he declined arbitration (so did byrd).


Ellie said...

if the mets trade schneider maybe they will decide they need a poor hitting minor league catcher and bring up mike nickeas. most people would see it as a bad move but i would be okay with it.

mandachan said...

of course!