Monday, December 29, 2008

now, about christmas....

since i lied and didn't post on friday and saturday's post obviously wasn't about christmas presents (although i'm sure the giants were happy)

anyway, i've spent the past few days trying to get all of my music from my computer and creative zen micro (it's like an iPod only not) onto my new iPod (the 4th generation nano, it's blue), and call me blasphemous but i kinda like my creative just a little bit better. it's easier to operate (well, i've had it since... 2005ish), the play mode is a lot easier to access, and it has radio and a little recording thing. i like that my iPod plays video (too bad i couldn't upload the straight no chaser video), and they're a lot easier to buy accessories for.

oh well. they're both awesome :)

and i can't wait for next monday 'cause i get to wear my new black and red plaid converses and my lincecum shirt (i finally found the right size and it fits great width-wise but it's so long that i could wear short shorts underneath and no one would see them. not that i would do that, but i'm just saying.)

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