Tuesday, December 23, 2008

jknpoinwe kmfosnet!

since 'woo' is already a title.

woo #1: YAY NO MORE SCHOOL until the 5th. finally i get to sleep in!

woo #2: i got a 90 on my thesis paper so yay me (i know, just barely squeaking in with an A-, but i was ecstatic that i got an A 'cause last year's english paper got me an 84). and stop complaining david that you got a 92 'cause you can't always get a 98 (what he got last year) and you got higher than me so shut up.

woo #3: i got an awesome alex-themed picture frame from mr. i'm-mad-i-"only"-got-a-92. that's the 'minor awesomeness' part. the 'major awesomeness' part hasn't come in yet and with all luck, it's somewhere between here and nebraska. (take a wild guess. and it sorta has to do with said frame.)

(isn't it beautious? :D)

3:56pm- and all those woos got counteracted by THIS
my woo post is ruined now. and i'm siding with ellie on that this is the worst offseason ever. i hope cc, burnett and teixeira all suck next season and that a-rod breaks his face.


The EGE said...

you mean that one stupid baseball dude can counteract a thesis paper and 1.5 awesomenesses.

Ellie said...

i am not sure how a-rod's face/leg isn't already broken with all the madonna in his life. ugh!

mandachan said...

david: i just put that up to be a pest. kinda like when i said that my birthday was ruined when alex went on the DL, and when i was 'upset' when i found out that alex was married. same sorta deal. but now they snatched our backup catcher too WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM?!?!?!

ellie: i know, really? i think we really should start calling him aarp-rod.

The EGE said...

OOOH! agreed.

mandachan said...

yeah, how old is she anyway? that might even be a bigger age difference (and therefore more awkward turtles) than salty and his wife.