Wednesday, December 24, 2008

GAH! i hate the yankees

well, that goes without saying.

train of events: they see sabathia, they take him. they see burnett, they take him. they see teixeira, they're all like "oh, no, we're not gonna take him", they take him anyway. and now they took our backup catcher. i hope they pull a 'kansas city' 'cause both the chiefs and the royals kinda stink 'cause of the shuttlecock curse, so now the yankees are gonna suck 'cause one of their contractors almost succeeded in hiding a big papi jersey in the foundation (and the awesomeness of the #34 is still there :D) and they're gonna be all disfunctional and i'm gonna laugh.
(and we really need to start that 'i want salty' chant now that we're down to 1 catcher!)

on a lighter note, i probably won't post tomorrow (i mean, i'll be at 4 houses tomorrow), so happy christmahanukwanzaa to everyone!

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