Monday, December 1, 2008


ew, it's december already. i mean, yay 'cause winter break is in... 22 days, but still! december = cold = ew!
although, one more month and it's been a year since you people have had to put up with my nonsense! now don't you feel special.

so. the red sox signed tazawa. that's cool. and the royals have to decide what to do with gruddy (grudzielanek) by tonight. i feel kinda bad 'cause he's one of their better players but had a lot of ankle problems; it seemed like once it was healed, he twisted it again. and twisting ankles is not fun.


Ellie said...

he also kinda makes people feel illiterate trying to spell/read his last name

mandachan said...

i know. i always have to sound it out and check to see if i spelled it right. the nickname of gruddy works for my purposes.