Monday, December 22, 2008

1 more day!

i think i can handle it. only 1 more day of school, and we have shortened classes 'cause of the in-school concert. only drawback is that we get our thesis papers back and i'm REALLY scared! it's like the one thing that could ruin my break, getting a crappy grade on this, and it ends up being 8% of our final grade (which isn't much BUT STILL!!!!)
david, that cookie bet is still on. and it is fair because it's expected that you'll get a better grade than me so you don't get a cookie for that, but if i magically get a higher grade, that's awesome and i deserve a cookie. and if we get the same grade (psssht, like that would ever happen), i'll give you a half of a cookie. but i get the other half.

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