Tuesday, November 18, 2008


k, i know i haven't been to school for the past 3 tuesdays now, but those other two times were because of election day and veterans day so we got the day off. i had to call in sick this morning 'cause i've been to school with a sick stomach before and there are memories that i'd prefer not to relive.

anyway, i was watching vh1, as i always do on days off, and in the music video for "gives you hell" by the all-american rejects, i noticed that frontman tyson ritter looks stupid with a comb-over. (although i don't think there are any rockstars that have comb-overs, let alone any that would look good.) and i have "rock and roll" by eric hutchinson stuck in my head (at least it's a good song)

oh, and you HAVE to check this out! incredible (and i mean that in a good way)

and finally, a big happy birthday to big papi. let's go red sox!

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