Saturday, November 15, 2008


just a short update. i finished another grid pic (this one was actually part of an assignment for drawing class), so i scanned it into the computer. my sketchbook didn't fit in my scanner, so i had to beam it onto the computer in two parts, which would explain the crease in the middle.

(yeah, i know dan haren only has one eye but that's 'cause you can't really see the other one in the original. and sorry that it's really light, it looks much better in real life.)

(that's what it's s'posed to look like)

hope you like it! :)

(oh, and david, you need to check your email if you haven't already! :D)


Ellie said...

that is really good. the saltalamacchia in the middle is amazing. (but of course i LOVE the rest of it too)

mandachan said...

thanks. took me a few weeks but i was working on it on-and-off.