Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ooh! again

more free agent crap.
apparently there's a little bit of discussion about the sox sticking with varitek. sure, he didn't do so hot last season, but he's their best catcher and he's awesome anyway (and if he got traded, i'm sure my mom wouldn't be very happy 'cause he's her favorite). interestingly enough, posada is also a free agent, so it would be weird if the yankees and sox did catcher swapsies because that would totally screw up the sox/yankees hatred.

there was also a rumor here that the sox were also considering talking with the rangers on swapping one of our pitching prospects (like buchholz or some other dude) for one of their younger catchers, which includes saltalamacchia (as if we don't have enough catchers to begin with. but cash and ross are free agents, so...).
and there's another opportunity to consolidate my divided loyalty (just in case i didn't clarify, salty was the newest addition to my buddies list 'cause he is awesome and i love saying his last name :D)

my opinion: stick with varitek, trade out for salty!

(i love how barely anyone can pronounce that :D)

(info courtesy of that linked article, picture courtesy of a magazine i have)

(EDIT: and it's official now that timlin is a free agent. that makes 9 free agent sockies.)


The EGE said...

Hey, congrats! You got a visitor from Japan! *envy* I hate you! */envy*

mandachan said...

i thought it was sideways carrots, not asterisks.

mandachan said...

and why're you jealous? you have more visits than i do. ooh, one person from japan. you practically have all of europe on yours. most of mine were either people i talk to (sort of) or people who found it by mistake)

The EGE said...

It is sideways carets, but blogger won't accept fake html.

mandachan said...