Saturday, November 8, 2008

more proof that i'm a nut

we were talking about the spanish-american war in us history, and they were talking about this spanish general weyler dude and my teacher had us guess as to what the newspapers nicknamed him and because he was in mexico and the caribbean (cuba), the first thing that came to my head for whatever reason was 'the mexicutioner', which is already taken by kc's closer, joakim soria. what made me think that, we'll never know, but hey, you already know that i mostly think in terms of baseball and little kid movies.

(and i love that clip because it's from the august 4th game with both alex's homerun and the collision. the soria part comes towards the end. right before the collision. :D)


Ellie said...

ur not the only one that only thinks of baseball. my friend has a video on his phone of me listing random facts about david wright.

mandachan said...

nice. yeah, i tend to remember random crap about baseball and forget what i had for breakfast (waffles).

one of my friends has a sister that goes to gordon college in MA and he hates it 'cause i always laugh whenever he mentions it 'cause i think of alex :D