Wednesday, November 12, 2008

*more obnoxious screaming!*

this time i have an excuse 'cause it's entirely obvious that lincecum won the NL cy young. was anyone surprised? i wasn't. in fact, i would've been very mad if webb had won it, but that's just a personal thing.
and not only did lincecum get the awesome pitcherness award, he is planned to grace the cover of MLB 2K9. i might just have to go out and ask for a wii for my birthday just to get that game 'cause it won't be on DS (bummer). although the wii is awesome in general, so the game wouldn't be the only reason (it'd just be more incentive :D).

and you have to check out his interview. i don't know about you, but he looks like a highschooler in his interview (and he acts like one too, but i'm allowed to say that because i am one). you just kinda want to give him a big hug for being so adorable. *insert heart here* :D
and here's another good article from july in sports illustrated. it kinda cracks me up to think that someone who's at least 6 inches taller than me is considered 'tiny', but baseball has different standards, especially when it comes to people who can throw 97-mph fastballs, so...
and finally, here's the yahoo! sports photo gallery of his interview (my goodness, does he ever stop smiling?!)

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