Friday, November 14, 2008

let's not do that again

(as in the whole really long post thing. i don't have a problem with a non-baseball post as long as i have something interesting to write about)

so. yeah. huzzah for lincecum and cliff lee on their awesome pitcherness ("if i can draw your attention to my wednesday post..." since it was so RUDELY interrupted by the really long post :D)
and also huzzah to mauer, sizemore, pedroia and wright for both their awesome defensiveness and hittingness. (not that either of those are words. but now they are.)
and also also happy birthdays to schilling and nady (i betcha ellie will have a birthday pictures post for her boy 'x-man' so check out her blog :D)

and now that baseball season is REALLY over, i'm stuck on what to post about, so if i go a few days without anything, don't freak out (you know, the 3 other people who read this regularly).


Ellie said...

only 2 more months until my birthday.

all of my friends knew it was xavier's birthday because i wrote in all of their agenda books and whenever they went to write their homework they were reminded.

Ellie said...

and i see you found "the 'ropolitans". i like that blog

mandachan said...

yup. good stuff. david refuses to read it, though, 'cause of all the ads and 'cause it's all about baseball (well, duh!)

The EGE said...

Baseball is unimportant from when the world series ends till april. I care nothing about the Mets anyway, sorry Ellie, and I don't like ads that take two minutes to load and then slow my browser down.

mandachan said...

how many times do i have to say 'suck it up'?! maybe it's your computer's fault (it won't load videos, either)