Wednesday, November 19, 2008

few things

for starters, happy awesomeness to pedroia, who not only got the gold glove, silver slugger and was the starting 2B in the all-star game, he's now AL MVP. this guy is awesome and i think that he is underrated for all of the stuff he's done for the team. so yay pedroia!

and for more shocking news, the red sox traded crisp. to the royals. i am dead serious. to be quite honest, i burst out laughing when i read that they did swapsies with crisp and reliever ramon ramirez, but i can see this as good because that'll give ellsbury even more startingness, and it'll give the royals some of the sox's awesomeness (even though they have a bajillion outfielders already...)
of course, it would've been hilarious if the sox got alex in the deal (i can hear the angels singing now), or if the red sox traded ellsbury for alex. psssht, like that'd ever happen.

let's go red sox!
and pedroia!
(and welcome, ramon)
and royals!
(and hey again, coco.)


Ellie said...

if there was some weird trade that sent david wright to the yankees, xavier nady to the indians, grady sizemore to the red sox, and jacoby to the mets i would be a really confused person.

but the royals wouldn't trade alex because they know there is somebody out there that is happy two of her favorite players are on the same team (jacobs and gordon)

mandachan said...

that would be really confusing. it'd be like a team musical chairs.

and is that somebody you or me? i think it's you, 'cause until the trade, i didn't know who mike jacobs was. just wondering.

Ellie said...

it could be either one of us (or both)

mandachan said...

i was thinking more along the lines that the royals wouldn't trade alex 'cause they'd kinda be screwed without him. my ideal trade still would've been lugo for alex, though :)