Saturday, November 1, 2008

the day after *dun dun DUNNN!*

halloween sugar crash in process...

anyway, i decided to be alex for halloween (it's not like i had to buy anything special, i already had the jersey, hat, softball pants/socks...), and i stayed home to hand out candy while my family took my little sister trick-or-treating across the street. we got 4 people. 3 were in one family. i got weird looks from everyone (it must've been the eyeshadow/5 o'clock shadow smudged all over my chin), and the dad from the 3-kid family thought i was george brett! i guess i can't be too mad, seeing as he at least knew someone from the royals who happened to be a 3rd baseman and technically alex is s'posed to be brett's 2nd coming, but still! the name was on the back of my shirt! oh well.

here's a funny video my friend becky sent me a few days ago. (it won't let me upload it. whatever.)
and here's another random picture from the boston dirt dogs feed

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