Tuesday, October 14, 2008


lost 9-1. dang. here we go again. (which reminds me of that song by ok go which has another one of the awesomest music videos ever...)
although, as long as the rays don't win the next two, i'll have some form of entertainment while i'm selling drinks and crap at homecoming. they actually had the game on in the teachers' lounge last year, so i'd be in the gym, come out for a drink, check the score, go back in the gym, come out for a drink, check the score... you get the idea. (i think they won 13-1 that game against cleveland)

anyway... estoy happy 'cause i actually passed the mile for once (9:28, which isn't totally impressive, but i'm happy i passed). and i got taken down by a football player today in ultimate frisbee in gym, which really hurt but it was kinda funny. totally my fault.

(7:47pm- awww, psssht, i might as well not even watch tonight's game. ellsbury's not playing. and yikes lowell is out for the season and has to get hip surgery. good luck, lowell! we'll miss you!)

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