Monday, October 20, 2008

*punches pillow with fist*

(what i did this morning after hearing about the score)
darn those rays. darn matt garza, aka mr. big nose (there, david, that was my 'i hate matt garza' post). and finally, i'm ashamed to say darn the offense. it wasn't lester's fault, he gave up 3 runs over 7 innings, that's pretty darn good. ('course, it would've been awesome if he pulled a may 19th...) oh well, you win some, you lose some, you have bad days (been there before, let me tell you that). and now i don't know who to root for in the world series, 'cause i don't like the phillies and i don't like the rays, mostly for beating the red sox. now would be the time for spontaneous dugout combustion(jk). guess we'll just have to wait til spring training. or the season opener, which is against the rays (who's cruel idea was that?!?!). or july 9-12 or sept 21-24, when they play the royals.

on a lighter note, they had the yahoo players choice awards for outstanding pitcher today, and i'm happy 'cause lincecum got it for the NL (cliff lee got it for the AL, duh) and he's just totally awesome. (here's the video. he's so adorable.)

one last time for 2008: let's go red sox!
and royals!

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