Monday, October 13, 2008


well, happy día de la raza, since my spanish classes have scarred me for life and made me realize that we're getting a day off in remembrance for some mass-murderer (columbus ended up killing off an entire tribe of west indies natives, either by physically killing them through slavery or killing them with diseases from europe)

on a lighter note, i was watching vh1 this morning and one of these really cool 'you oughta know' artists kinda struck me as... well, i can't really put an adjective to it, but he has the same last name as me so i was thinking wouldn't it be cool if he was my long-lost cousin or something. i wouldn't put it past that, since my dad's family is humonsterous and i've only met a handful of relatives.
(and the other thing was that he kinda looked like a younger version of jason bay, but that's aside the point. i might be related to someone famous!)

and this has nothing to do with anything i talked about, but you have to check out the music video for 'so what' by pink. it's hilarious and totally random and it's just awesome.

and this also has nothing to do with what i was talking about, but david sent me the link to this article. it's funny. and the comments are pretty great too.


Ellie said...

i really like the pink song but my favorite music video is walk away by kelly clarkson

mandachan said...

that one is pretty awesome too, with everyone randomly singing along.