Friday, October 17, 2008

comeback kings of the century!

heck yeah!
ok, i admit, i stopped watching it after matsuzaka gave up those 2 homers in a row because they were down 5-zip and i'm like, 'oop, it's over. when's spring training?'
so when my mom was checking the weather this morning and she said 'the red sox won!', i was like 'WHAT?!?!', dropped everything and ran into the computer. yay for late-game rallies!

(picture courtesy of the boston dirt dogs feed on google reader)

lets go red sox! woo!


Ellie said...

I like the tattoo on JD

mandachan said...

mm. you can totally tell that they photoshopped the cover of 'tropic thunder', but they did a really good job.

The EGE said...

Drew looks really old, Crisp looks like a drug soldier, and ortiz just looks cool. So that'sthe movie the poster is from. [Less confudledness]