Wednesday, October 1, 2008

another soxtober, baby!

yay the playoffs start tonight! and of course, the red sox (since i need to differentiate now that the white sox are in, too) are playing the angels. on the west coast. at 10-whatever pm west coast time. that sucks.

oh, and has anyone noticed that i got really lazy and haven't capitalized anything in, like, forever? not even names. i'm bad. cripes, half the time i don't even use complete sentences. or correct english, for that matter. oh well. who cares?

anyway, i believe that a let's go red sox is in order. even though it pretty much goes without saying.

yay! :D

(3:14pm- ok, this doesn't really have anything to do with the rest of the post, but i rocked again in softball, went 3 for 4. that's 7 for 10, you do the math, in the unit. 'course, it's kinda bad to think that i did better today in gym than all last season hitting-wise...)
(3:29pm- and i've decided that i hate elastics. when i have these stupid things in, i can't open my mouth enough to barely even drink out of a cup. or eat. or talk. and that's a problem.)

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