Tuesday, September 23, 2008

wow. i'm a nut.

ok, so we have to write thesis papers in us history, and we can write on anything that's controversial as long as it happened in the us between 1850 and 1940. so what do i pick? the black sox scandal, because i am so awesome that i have to incorporate baseball into an otherwise totally boring subject (actually, it was david's idea).

sox lost but i found a really cool picture from last night's game. and the royals won 6-2. oh, now they're playing good. why couldn't've this blast of wins happen... oh, i don't know... while the royals were actually in contention to go to the playoffs?!?!?! i've said it once, i'll say it again, baseball never ceases to amaze me.
(speaking of the royals, i got picked on for my alex jersey today by numerous people, including 2 of my teachers. if only they understood how awesome he is...)

(3:12pm- uh oh. cliff lee is pitching tonight against wakefield. not good. come on sox! give cliff lee his... uh... 3rd loss! woo!)
(3:14pm- yay lincecum is pitching tonight against the rockies! come on lincecum!)
(7:10pm ...hey, the sox are on now... anyway, lincecum better have a good outing tonight 'cause webb is ahead of him in cy young points. but according to the poll, lincecum would win by a lot if fans chose the winner. just saying. and we all know that cliff lee has it made for the AL.)


Ellie said...

i always find a way to make baseball part of my work. for summer reading 2 of the 3 books i read had to do with the 1950s dodgers. and i did a biography project on hank aaron.

and that picture with grady is awesome

mandachan said...

i know. wasn't it? i have a pic of ellsbury from a few games ago when he practically leaped 10 feet in the air after a homerun (ok, maybe not THAT much, but still!)