Tuesday, September 16, 2008


red sox won 13-5. and almost all of the runs were scored on homers. cripes, there were 6 of them (bay, ortiz, youk, lowell, varitek, ellsbury who went 2 for 5 :D). yay tied for 1st!

and the royals won 3-zip against the mariners. alex went 1 for 3 and he almost scored but got thrown out at home and espn called him 'slow-running'! come on! give the guy some slack! he just came off the DL with a hip flexor tear! of course he's gonna be slow! (i mean, it's not like he's ellsbury or anything :) ). jerks.

yay dan haren pitches against the giants tonight (no, he is not facing lincecum. i checked. although that sure would be an interesting game...)

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