Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thanks a bunch, jake!

anyone who reads 'mr. met is my brother' now knows that ellsbury has a playoff blog. (the url is totally obvious, i'll leave it to you to find it on mlblogs). this will make my life a LOT easier in that i don't have to update every 5 seconds on the sox's playoff status. you rock, dude.

and i am surprised that it's the last day of september (already?!) and i have yet to hear 'wake me up when september ends' because i have heard that song every september 30th since the song came out. real creative, guys.

woo. orthodontist appt today. then i'm staying to help set up their google docs thing (my mom works there), and then i'm having a fabulous dinner at the golden arches, then i have piano lessons, and then i'm going to the batting cages until it's dark or i get tired or i run out of tokens. epic night of events.

oh, and for one last thing, you gotta check out the most recent part of the boston dirt dogs feed. it's really funny. (well, the whole thing is funny for the most part) (and i'm not sure if it'll come out, but if you have google reader, you'll find it in the sports section)


Ellie said...

OMG! I got the first comment on his blog!

mandachan said...

woo! :D

mandachan said...

and guess who was #9 (ok, that's kinda a lame number standings wise but i just got home.)