Wednesday, September 10, 2008


(which is exactly what i said when i saw this)
come on alex! you're almost there! the royals need you! (no, seriously, the royals NEED you)

and we're ('we' as in the red sox) back to 1.5 games behind, but we've been farther back, so i'm not really concerned unless they start to REALLY suck.

(sometime mid-afternoon: and yay dan haren is pitching :D. i wonder what would've happened if he was pitching against lincecum the other night. that would've been interesting. i wouldn't know who to root for, kinda like whenever alex flew out to ellsbury or ellsbury grounded out to alex.)
(8:09pm: aw, the d-backs lost. oh well. but dan haren didn't get the loss, so that's good. and it was 4-3, so that's not bad. and i don't really like either team, i just like one pitcher from each, so i really shouldn't care...)
(9:08pm: hey! i know that the defenders are the giants' AA and that chances are that i'll see people i know, but a lot of people in tonight's game were either on the defenders' roster at one point or i actually saw play. i saw ryan rohlinger, sandoval, and ishikawa play at one point, and i remember seeing sergio romo and omar vizquel on the roster they gave us before the game. neat.)


Ellie said...

OMG! Alex vs. Grady! I would totally freak out!

mandachan said...

the royals tend to be in interesting matchups a lot, don't they? too bad they only play the red sox twice a year.