Saturday, September 6, 2008

k, i got good news and bad news.

good news:
1. the sox beat the rangers last night 8-1
2. alex is starting to come back into playing again, but hillman isn't sure whether he'll play this season or not (ok, that's kinda bad news, too)

bad news:
1. kinsler is most definitely gonna be out for the rest of the season with surgery. get well soon!
2. dan haren lost against the dodgers last night, 7-zip. that stinks.


Ellie said...

don't forget about mitch maier who is on his way back!

mandachan said...

that's true. forgot about him 'cause pretty much everyone else is on the dl.

mandachan said...

but what heals faster, a torn muscle or broken bones? that IS the question. :)