Thursday, September 4, 2008

i hate my us history project!!!!

my internet ever so conveniently crapped out yesterday afternoon so i couldn't finish it until late. and it still isn't finished.

anyway, almost done with alex being on the DL hopefully.
and the royals are officially the worst team in baseball right now according to espn power rankings. that's funny.

and in yesterday's walk-off win, ellsbury had an awesome catch over the orioles' bullpen to prevent a home run. i couldn't find a picture of the actual catch (there's the video) but i found another cute one.

so we have a bunch of alex smiley pictures and now here's an ellsbury one. is he photogenic or what? :)


Ellie said...

this makes me feel a whole lot better from coming home from the dentist.

mandachan said...

i'm glad i made your day better.
woo playing at the local fair tonight. i'll try not to die in the heat. and i hope it doesn't rain too hard.