Monday, September 15, 2008

i gotta agree with this guy!

i know that until last year, i wasn't into baseball and i didn't even know what a cy young was until this season, but now that it's been brought up, i just had to point this out. lincecum has my vote. not that it counts or anything. just saying.
(he is leading in points right now, btw)
(sorry, ellie, mikey p is awesome and everything, buuut...)

(8:32pm- baseball update: red sox winning 7-1 in the 4th with no outs still! woo! and alex is coming up this inning (the 2nd), and he's so darn cute but i really do hate his mlb mug shot. he seriously looks like he's on something.)
(8:35pm- another update:
now the red sox are leading 8-1 in the 4th with no one out. and alex struck out aww. i still hate his mug shot. but he's still adorable.)
(8:38pm- another another update: 9-1, 1 out, still in the 4th.)
(8:39pm- another x3 update: 11-1. youk hit the 5th sox homer of the night. dangit guys it's nice that you're being awesome but i can't keep up with it! aaugh! betcha the rays fans don't like the rays right about now.)
(8:57pm- guess what this is. ellsbury hit a homerun and i missed it! dangit! oh well. yay for #8! and #6 for tonight for the sox, who are leading 12-1 in the 5th)
(9:05pm- alex flew out. that's 0 for 2 tonight. bummer. oh well.
k! i promise this is the last one! i'm going to... i don't know, go to bed or watch the sox game or something! i'm leaving! i'm getting sick of updating! aaugh!)


Ellie said...

but mikey p got (had) to dress up as an olympic swimmer and was really hot. that counts for some cy young votes

mandachan said...

wow. as long as he wasn't wearing a speedo (eeew)

yay ellsbury just got an infield single :) (red sox winning 7-1 in the 4th, still no outs)