Thursday, September 25, 2008

i feel awesome

(well, not my tweaked shoulder or the ankle, but whatever)

i'm happy 'cause i totally rocked in softball in gym today and i actually did better today than i did all last season 'cause i went 2 for 2 (i was happy 'cause the gym teachers didn't allow us to strike out) and i had a run. it was kinda scary the 2nd time up 'cause i hit it towards 3b/ss area and there was a person on 1st so i'm like 'oh no i just grounded into a double play' but the ball got bobbled and i just barely beat the tag at first (the other team was all like 'you're out' and my team was all like 'you're safe' and i was all like 'what am i?!?!?!' but the teacher called me safe). and then i eventually came around to score on another bobbleage all the way from first, and i just beat the tag there too. sliding still hurts.

red sox beat cleveland 5-4 (again) last night, ellsbury went 1 for 4. royals beat detroit 10-4, alex went 2 for 4 with 2 runs and a ribbie. (and if you look closely, you will see that omg he has a beard! ha! i've never seen him with even scruffyness, like i said yesterday, let alone anything noticeable! that's funny! ha!)


Ellie said...

they probably think the beard makes them look/feel more manly but they have to understand that it doesn't help!

mandachan said...

he looks ridiculous! i mean, he's still cute and everything but he looks kinda silly, mostly because he's always been clean-shaven. kinda like how pedroia has a baby face and a beard that espn magazine compared to wolverine's.