Friday, September 12, 2008

i can't wait!

tonight kicks off the royals/indians series, and you all know what that means! it'll be good to see alex back in the lineup again to give the royals a little boost (everyone knows they need it), and now i'll actually have a reason to check the box score! (although, they are facing cliff lee, so the chances of them winning are a little slimmer...)
(EDIT: the return won't be tonight. tomorrow night at the earliest. aah, close enough. he's returning and that's all i care about.)

and the red sox are facing the bluejays again (uh oh halladay is pitching. good luck guys!)


Ellie said...

i think cliff lee losing a game is an oxymoron. too bad alex isn't coming back yet because he would give the royals a chance to beat cliff lee.

mandachan said...

yeah. i was all excited 'cause i'm like 'yay alex can help the royals beat the indians' and then i'm like 'aw crap cliff lee's pitching' and then i'm like 'aw crap alex isn't playing tonight'