Saturday, September 27, 2008

i am loved!

ok, so maybe not by the sox right now, and certainly not by the yankees in the *gag* buttkicking they gave the sox last night (not going to say the score because it is THAT bad.). although ellsbury did hit #9 (which i already said, but here's the clip)
at least the royals won (8-1) (and here's alex's ribbie double. and the beard still makes me laugh.).

anyway, i'm talking about this, one of the seven bajillion posts david did yesterday, which was almost entirely devoted to the baseball players i like. and then some random osu dude he likes. you HAVE to check it out just because it's so hilarious how david took some of the worst possible pictures of my buddies (the ellsbury one he stole from the birthday post) and made it look like the guys i like are the living reincarnation of frankenstein (dan haren's is probably the worst). although the alex one isn't bad.
(see, david? you DO love me! haha just kidding.)


Ellie said...

wow. he couldn't bother to find a pic of haren without all the facial hair. but i have seen the alex one used in a lot of places

The EGE said...

I just picked the funniest ones I could find in the first page of google images. I forgot to give my sources, though. Oops.

mandachan said...

bad david! bad david! :D