Thursday, September 18, 2008


yeah, nothing exciting to report on.
red sox are now 2 games behind (lost 10-3 last night) and they don't have a game today.
royals won 5-2 last night (they were playing the mariners but alex wasn't playing so i don't really care), are currently winning 4-zip 'cause alex scored from second on a dejesus single and aviles hit a 3-run shot to left.
lincecum is pitching tonight against the d-backs. woo! (i guess that's exciting...?)
and i had two tests today that weren't really that hard, just long. and i want another cookie.

so seeing as the royals are on now, i will proceed in doing the every-few-minute-update lame-o thing that i did the other night :)
(3:17pm- bottom of the 4th: alex got walked. that's the second time today. royals still up 4-zip. i still hate his mug.)
(3:21pm- bottom of the 4th: yay alex scored from second on a maier single along with teahen. royals up 6-zip.)
(3:26pm- guess what inning it is: royals winning 7-zip. callaspo scored and maier to second on a wild pitch.)
(3:34pm- the mariners are really sucking this inning, huh?: 8-zip. maier home on a shealy single.)
(3:36pm- !!!!!: 9-zip. aviles home on a teahen single.)
(3:37pm- my goodness, that was a long inning.
jesus christmas. my boyfriend almost came up twice! he'll be up next, though :D)
(3:45pm- bottom of the 5th: d'aww, alex flew out to center. 0 for 1. royals still up 9-zip.)
(3:50pm- bottom of the 5th: 10-zip. maier home from second on a gathright single.)
(4:11pm- bottom of the 6th: 12-zip YAY alex hit a 2-run double! (olivo and ka'aihue scored) woo! :D)
(4:25pm- k, no more game recaps for now. need to eat dinner (band practice). royals still 12-zip in the bottom of the 7th.)

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