Monday, September 8, 2008

grr. still hurts.

it's like i have to rotate the icepack from all sore areas. wrist. elbow. wrist. elbow. bicep. shoulder. lower back. wrist. wrist. this is getting annoying.

red sox won 7-2 yay. AL east, here we come! i hope. although it's either that or the wild card. and HAHA the yankees won't make the playoffs for the first time in something around 14 years!
and the royals lost 3-1 which is kinda bad but not really surprising because: 1) they're missing their star player! DUH! :) and 2) they were facing cliff lee, and he's a really good pitcher, so... yeah.

oh, and no offense to any diehard football fans out there (from past posts you will know that i couldn't care less), but the patriots are basically screwed without tom brady. i mean, it's like my stepdad said: "the patriots losing their quarterback is like the sox losing lester, beckett and matsuzaka for the whole season in one swipe."
so out of the race of healing injuries, a torn ACL definitely wins the longest healing time. sorry, dudes, maybe next year.

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