Monday, September 1, 2008

back from camping

which is why i haven't posted since thursday.

yeah, not much to say.

ooh! wait! i lied! i got my alex jersey! yay! (it was my birthday present from my aunt but it hadn't come in in time for my party, so i got it on friday. i'm gonna wear it tomorrow with the royals socks i ordered from, thanks to the EGE and his $25 giftcard)

and speaking of alex, i was watching mlb bloopers on the madison square garden channel (i think that's what it is) on thursday and they had a clip from last year when he went after a popup and it hit him in the cheek and it was hilarious! i know that's not very nice, seeing as getting hit in the face with a popup hurts (i know), but he was just so darn cute! he had a little mini interview after and he was all smiley and stuff and i just wanted to give him a big hug for being so adorable. (and i still miss the long hair.)

and the random giants calendar they gave us at the defenders game has lincecum for the september picture so i think i just might keep that calendar at september for the rest of the year seeing as lincecum is awesome and he's the only person in the calendar i actually know.
and the cashier/blizzard maker dude at dairy queen on wednesday looked a lot like him and it was really scary and i took a double take. and he wouldn't stop staring at me which was even scarier! aaugh! :)

and what is up with everyone not playing lately?! all the DL trips, and now food poisoning that benched crisp, youk and beckett (wow he's just having all sorts of problems, isn't he?)!

(ok, maybe i did have a lot to say after all...)


crossy said...

maybe mr. dairy queen wouldn't stop staring at you because...he thought you were cute! oooooh! (i'm so mature.)

mandachan said...

yeah, that's what becky said, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a little weird! yours truly is not used to getting stared at!

Ellie said...

YAY! Jacoby won the game for the Red Sox! And if it wasn't for you I would barely know who he is.

You have truly changed my life. lol

mandachan said...

i feel accomplished now. :D

too bad alex has been on the DL recently. although without me, you wouldn't know who he was, either.

and that catch was AWESOME!