Sunday, September 7, 2008

another thing of good news

(this is basically to supplement what ellie said yesterday)

i hope they get back in the game soon!
and to wish them well, i changed the template and it will stay that way until alex comes off the DL! so there! :p
(ok, i lied. i didn't want all of my sidebar random crap stuff deleted)

  • the sox lost 15-8 against the rangers (didn't watch for a multitude of reasons, including the fact that kinsler and saltalamacchia weren't playing, the sox were losing by a lot by the time i heard about it, and it was raining too hard so we couldn't get satellite service)
  • and i collected 3 injuries today during softball practice with my stepdad: sore lower back and right wrist (both from falling hard on my butt backpedaling to get a fly ball WAAAY over my head and landing really hard and doing a pathetic excuse for a somersault), and a sore right elbow/shoulder (existing injury from throwing wrong, aggravated from using it a lot during practice)
and apparently this weekend was 'have a song by an american idol contestant stuck in your head' weekend 'cause i had that new song 'crush' by david archuleta stuck in my head all day friday and saturday, and i had 'time of my life' by david cook stuck in my head this morning. and what's worse is that i don't even know all the words to either of them so i can't sing along! rrgh!

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