Tuesday, September 9, 2008

almost there!

yaaay only a half game back! come on, sox! you can do it! (and it's physically impossible for the royals to make the playoffs this year. i checked. at that point, do you just stop playing because there's no point left? i don't know.)

and as for the royals (aside from the whole not-going-to-the-playoffs-AGAIN thing...), still no word on when exactly alex is gonna be back, but i hope it's soon!

and lincecum pitched an almost complete game (8 1/3 innings) in the win last night (his record is 16 and 3, fyi) and the pictures from the game were funny, like this one:

my goodness, he's like a contortionist. in all of the espn pictures and newspaper pictures and stuff, he's all bendy-floppy. (and david thinks he looks funny, but then again, he says that about any player i like, and it'd be kinda weird if he agreed with the whole hotness thing...)

and finally, best wishes for billy wagner in his elbow surgery. i hope it goes ok and that he recovers well. (see, ellie? if it weren't for you, i wouldn't know any of the mets, aside from david wright. so i introduced you to alex, ellsbury and a bunch of AL people, and you introduced me to the mets and a bunch of NL people.)

(there, david, you happy? if i get all mad 'cause i can't figure out how to get it back to normal, it's all your fault. and you still need to get me a new eraser 'cause you're dumb and shredded mine.)

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