Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2 yays and a boo

yay #1: the red sox defeated cliff lee (yes, i'm serious) to clinch a spot in the playoffs. the clubhouse is now bathed in champagne.

('say hello to my little friend!' papelbon always seems to do something to make me laugh.)

yay #2: the royals shutouted the tigers 5-zip (yeah, i know 'shutouted' isn't a word), and alex hit #16, a 2-run shot (would it be anything else?)

(whoa, for a second there, he looked like pedroia. he's all scruffy. i've never seen him with scruffyness...)

and for the boo: lincecum lost to the rockies last night, only pitching 4 1/3 innings and giving up 6 runs on 6 hits. but he did set the giants' record for strikeouts, so that's good.

and for a shoutout for david: if you don't like that all i talk about is baseball, i got 2 things for ya. 1: it's baseball season. suck it up. and 2: i don't complain too much when all you talk about is rocketry and electronics crap. suck it up.
and thanks for listening to this minor rant, which has been brought to you by the letter U and the number 6.

(4:24pm- oh, and i have yet another injury to report: bruised ankle. i was at the batting cages yesterday and i was doing windmills with my bat to stretch out my shoulder except i wasn't controlling it very well and it came around and whacked me in the ankle so now it's all black and blue and it hurts when you poke it. this icepack has been very loved lately, i can tell you that much.)


Ellie said...

i've done that with my bat before and i was at frozen ropes so i didn't want to look pathetic and miss taking swings. it hurt like hell and i have been more careful since.

mandachan said...

it really only hurts when i poke it. or whack it against the bleachers in gym, like i did earlier today. but now my shoulder hurts 'cause i cracked it or something in it tweaked the wrong way during us history.