Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thanks a bunch, jake!

anyone who reads 'mr. met is my brother' now knows that ellsbury has a playoff blog. (the url is totally obvious, i'll leave it to you to find it on mlblogs). this will make my life a LOT easier in that i don't have to update every 5 seconds on the sox's playoff status. you rock, dude.

and i am surprised that it's the last day of september (already?!) and i have yet to hear 'wake me up when september ends' because i have heard that song every september 30th since the song came out. real creative, guys.

woo. orthodontist appt today. then i'm staying to help set up their google docs thing (my mom works there), and then i'm having a fabulous dinner at the golden arches, then i have piano lessons, and then i'm going to the batting cages until it's dark or i get tired or i run out of tokens. epic night of events.

oh, and for one last thing, you gotta check out the most recent part of the boston dirt dogs feed. it's really funny. (well, the whole thing is funny for the most part) (and i'm not sure if it'll come out, but if you have google reader, you'll find it in the sports section)

Monday, September 29, 2008

and that concludes our baseball broadcast

except not 'cause the sox are in the playoffs. yay sox!

anyway, for last-game recaps:
  • sox won 4-3 against the yankees. their record is 95 and 67. but that'll change, starting wednesday.
  • royals got shutout 6-zip by the twins. their record is 75 and 87, they finished 4th. and alex went 0 for 3 (david came up to me this morning and tried to ruin my morning with it), but he finished the season at .260, which is a whole lot better than i did. yay alex!
  • giants won i don't really care buuut lincecum got the win, he is 18 and 5. and he leads in strikeouts. yay lincecum!
  • and too bad the mets aren't in the playoffs. if the sox got booted, at least i could watch sny for baseball-related entertainment. but i'll say let's go mets anyway :)
(and i'm happy today 'cause i didn't rock quite as much as thursday in softball but i went 2 for 4 with a run and an rbi (2 different games). yay 4 for 6 on the 'season'!)

so i will leave at that and leave you with a nice picture :)

(see? i'm much better at finding pictures than david :D)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

i'm confused

(i thought it was s'posed to rain all weekend, not on-and-off. whatever.)

anyway, sox were rained out so they're doing a doubleheader today.

the royals beat the twins 4-2, alex went 1 for something but he almost had a grand slam (the shot just barely went foul, according to the recap) and he had 2 stolen bases which is huge 'cause he's not a base-stealing kinda guy. and speaking of alex, here's the grid pic i was working on over the summer. i got farther than the picture shows, but the addition kinda stinks so let's just leave it at this.

(sorry it's sideways, can't figure out how to turn it around. i thought it was pretty good otherwise. i'll scan in the original article when i get the chance.)

and yay lincecum is pitching today (and speaking of him, i went to the same dairy queen today but the lookalike wasn't there. bummer. :D)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

i am loved!

ok, so maybe not by the sox right now, and certainly not by the yankees in the *gag* buttkicking they gave the sox last night (not going to say the score because it is THAT bad.). although ellsbury did hit #9 (which i already said, but here's the clip)
at least the royals won (8-1) (and here's alex's ribbie double. and the beard still makes me laugh.).

anyway, i'm talking about this, one of the seven bajillion posts david did yesterday, which was almost entirely devoted to the baseball players i like. and then some random osu dude he likes. you HAVE to check it out just because it's so hilarious how david took some of the worst possible pictures of my buddies (the ellsbury one he stole from the birthday post) and made it look like the guys i like are the living reincarnation of frankenstein (dan haren's is probably the worst). although the alex one isn't bad.
(see, david? you DO love me! haha just kidding.)

Friday, September 26, 2008

another real quick post

sox losing 5-3 as of right now (to the *coughyankeescough*. bummer.). but ellsbury hit #9 so yay ellsbury.
royals winning 6-zip, alex had a ribbie double yay.

my shoulder still hurts.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

i feel awesome

(well, not my tweaked shoulder or the ankle, but whatever)

i'm happy 'cause i totally rocked in softball in gym today and i actually did better today than i did all last season 'cause i went 2 for 2 (i was happy 'cause the gym teachers didn't allow us to strike out) and i had a run. it was kinda scary the 2nd time up 'cause i hit it towards 3b/ss area and there was a person on 1st so i'm like 'oh no i just grounded into a double play' but the ball got bobbled and i just barely beat the tag at first (the other team was all like 'you're out' and my team was all like 'you're safe' and i was all like 'what am i?!?!?!' but the teacher called me safe). and then i eventually came around to score on another bobbleage all the way from first, and i just beat the tag there too. sliding still hurts.

red sox beat cleveland 5-4 (again) last night, ellsbury went 1 for 4. royals beat detroit 10-4, alex went 2 for 4 with 2 runs and a ribbie. (and if you look closely, you will see that omg he has a beard! ha! i've never seen him with even scruffyness, like i said yesterday, let alone anything noticeable! that's funny! ha!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2 yays and a boo

yay #1: the red sox defeated cliff lee (yes, i'm serious) to clinch a spot in the playoffs. the clubhouse is now bathed in champagne.

('say hello to my little friend!' papelbon always seems to do something to make me laugh.)

yay #2: the royals shutouted the tigers 5-zip (yeah, i know 'shutouted' isn't a word), and alex hit #16, a 2-run shot (would it be anything else?)

(whoa, for a second there, he looked like pedroia. he's all scruffy. i've never seen him with scruffyness...)

and for the boo: lincecum lost to the rockies last night, only pitching 4 1/3 innings and giving up 6 runs on 6 hits. but he did set the giants' record for strikeouts, so that's good.

and for a shoutout for david: if you don't like that all i talk about is baseball, i got 2 things for ya. 1: it's baseball season. suck it up. and 2: i don't complain too much when all you talk about is rocketry and electronics crap. suck it up.
and thanks for listening to this minor rant, which has been brought to you by the letter U and the number 6.

(4:24pm- oh, and i have yet another injury to report: bruised ankle. i was at the batting cages yesterday and i was doing windmills with my bat to stretch out my shoulder except i wasn't controlling it very well and it came around and whacked me in the ankle so now it's all black and blue and it hurts when you poke it. this icepack has been very loved lately, i can tell you that much.)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

wow. i'm a nut.

ok, so we have to write thesis papers in us history, and we can write on anything that's controversial as long as it happened in the us between 1850 and 1940. so what do i pick? the black sox scandal, because i am so awesome that i have to incorporate baseball into an otherwise totally boring subject (actually, it was david's idea).

sox lost but i found a really cool picture from last night's game. and the royals won 6-2. oh, now they're playing good. why couldn't've this blast of wins happen... oh, i don't know... while the royals were actually in contention to go to the playoffs?!?!?! i've said it once, i'll say it again, baseball never ceases to amaze me.
(speaking of the royals, i got picked on for my alex jersey today by numerous people, including 2 of my teachers. if only they understood how awesome he is...)

(3:12pm- uh oh. cliff lee is pitching tonight against wakefield. not good. come on sox! give cliff lee his... uh... 3rd loss! woo!)
(3:14pm- yay lincecum is pitching tonight against the rockies! come on lincecum!)
(7:10pm ...hey, the sox are on now... anyway, lincecum better have a good outing tonight 'cause webb is ahead of him in cy young points. but according to the poll, lincecum would win by a lot if fans chose the winner. just saying. and we all know that cliff lee has it made for the AL.)

Monday, September 22, 2008

tour guide mandachan: NYC edition

so yeah, that's why i haven't posted since whenever i last posted.

my friend becky took me to go see Chicago at the Ambassador, the show was AWESOME, our hotel was cool (we stayed at The Time, which was literally 20 steps away from the theater) except there was only one bed so i slept on the floor 'cause it was becky and elizabeth and me in one room and the floor isn't very comfortable, we ate at this really good indian restaurant (don't remember the name, but it was the oldest one in nyc, or at least that's what the sign said), and we walked around all sorts of places. i even passed the espn place (i stopped for about 10 minutes to watch the giant tv outside in times square. you know, gotta have your baseball fix :D), and the sny studio, but i couldn't take good pictures with my phone.

baseball update: red sox pretty much have control of the wild card yay.

and alex had a 2-run home run the other night and he had an awesome catch for a webgem last night :D. and it's really interesting 'cause hillman isn't sure who to start at 3rd for next season, teahen or alex. i vote alex! duh! it's called the hot corner for a reason! :D (and besides, the reporter guy screwed up. it's "I don't know's on third", not "Who's on third". Who is on first. What is on second. I don't know is on third. except he's not, 'cause alex is! GET IT RIGHT!)

and dan haren won on sunday :D.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


yeah, nothing exciting to report on.
red sox are now 2 games behind (lost 10-3 last night) and they don't have a game today.
royals won 5-2 last night (they were playing the mariners but alex wasn't playing so i don't really care), are currently winning 4-zip 'cause alex scored from second on a dejesus single and aviles hit a 3-run shot to left.
lincecum is pitching tonight against the d-backs. woo! (i guess that's exciting...?)
and i had two tests today that weren't really that hard, just long. and i want another cookie.

so seeing as the royals are on now, i will proceed in doing the every-few-minute-update lame-o thing that i did the other night :)
(3:17pm- bottom of the 4th: alex got walked. that's the second time today. royals still up 4-zip. i still hate his mug.)
(3:21pm- bottom of the 4th: yay alex scored from second on a maier single along with teahen. royals up 6-zip.)
(3:26pm- guess what inning it is: royals winning 7-zip. callaspo scored and maier to second on a wild pitch.)
(3:34pm- the mariners are really sucking this inning, huh?: 8-zip. maier home on a shealy single.)
(3:36pm- !!!!!: 9-zip. aviles home on a teahen single.)
(3:37pm- my goodness, that was a long inning.
jesus christmas. my boyfriend almost came up twice! he'll be up next, though :D)
(3:45pm- bottom of the 5th: d'aww, alex flew out to center. 0 for 1. royals still up 9-zip.)
(3:50pm- bottom of the 5th: 10-zip. maier home from second on a gathright single.)
(4:11pm- bottom of the 6th: 12-zip YAY alex hit a 2-run double! (olivo and ka'aihue scored) woo! :D)
(4:25pm- k, no more game recaps for now. need to eat dinner (band practice). royals still 12-zip in the bottom of the 7th.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

what a beauty!

it's a half day, so that's why i'm here so early, but here is a clip of alex's awesome diving play in last night's game (they won, don't know score)

sox lost but whatever.

...and we have another birthday to celebrate! happy 28, dan haren! and happy whatevers on your complete game shutout against the giants!

(sorry for the lack of pictures. he's a very hard person to get a decent picture of. and the last two were from yesterday's game)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


red sox won 13-5. and almost all of the runs were scored on homers. cripes, there were 6 of them (bay, ortiz, youk, lowell, varitek, ellsbury who went 2 for 5 :D). yay tied for 1st!

and the royals won 3-zip against the mariners. alex went 1 for 3 and he almost scored but got thrown out at home and espn called him 'slow-running'! come on! give the guy some slack! he just came off the DL with a hip flexor tear! of course he's gonna be slow! (i mean, it's not like he's ellsbury or anything :) ). jerks.

yay dan haren pitches against the giants tonight (no, he is not facing lincecum. i checked. although that sure would be an interesting game...)

Monday, September 15, 2008

i gotta agree with this guy!

i know that until last year, i wasn't into baseball and i didn't even know what a cy young was until this season, but now that it's been brought up, i just had to point this out. lincecum has my vote. not that it counts or anything. just saying.
(he is leading in points right now, btw)
(sorry, ellie, mikey p is awesome and everything, buuut...)

(8:32pm- baseball update: red sox winning 7-1 in the 4th with no outs still! woo! and alex is coming up this inning (the 2nd), and he's so darn cute but i really do hate his mlb mug shot. he seriously looks like he's on something.)
(8:35pm- another update:
now the red sox are leading 8-1 in the 4th with no one out. and alex struck out aww. i still hate his mug shot. but he's still adorable.)
(8:38pm- another another update: 9-1, 1 out, still in the 4th.)
(8:39pm- another x3 update: 11-1. youk hit the 5th sox homer of the night. dangit guys it's nice that you're being awesome but i can't keep up with it! aaugh! betcha the rays fans don't like the rays right about now.)
(8:57pm- guess what this is. ellsbury hit a homerun and i missed it! dangit! oh well. yay for #8! and #6 for tonight for the sox, who are leading 12-1 in the 5th)
(9:05pm- alex flew out. that's 0 for 2 tonight. bummer. oh well.
k! i promise this is the last one! i'm going to... i don't know, go to bed or watch the sox game or something! i'm leaving! i'm getting sick of updating! aaugh!)

current status, again:

alex playing and going 2 for 5 with a double and a nice diving play in the royals' 13-3 (whoops) win over cleveland = very happy mandachan! :D
(that was a long sentence equation thing...)
i'm glad to see him playing again.

and the sox won too so that's always great. only 1 game behind! woo!

and this is kinda late news but lincecum pitched a complete game shutout against the padres! yay lincecum!

(3:31pm- ooh! i had a really bad blond moment today in us history! we had to swap seats for a project, so someone else was sitting in my seat and my binder was still under it and it has a picture of alex from an article in espn so i wasn't thinking and thought 'hey! someone else has a picture of alex on their binder!' and then i realized it was mine. wow.)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

current status:

alex not starting tonight = not happy mandachan >:|

and now for another yay-boo segment

yay alex is off the DL! except hillman might not want him to start in the rain just in case he screws up his leg again slipping in the mud. 'cause that would stink.
(4:02pm- hillman didn't have alex start in the first game, but he's probably saving alex for tonight so the team can have at least some strength. or at least that's what i'd like to think. it was probably 'cause it won't rain later...)

and about yesterday's sox game, i lied about the pitching matchup. it was actually wakefield against purcey (who apparently has a size 18 shoe. that is a massive shoe.), and the sox blanked the jays 7-zip. yay sox!
but apparently ellsbury did something to his quad and has been 'day-to-day' since the 10th (and he didn't play on his birthday, but that was partially 'cause there was no game...). if he goes on the DL, i will not be a happy camper! get well soon ellsbury!

(3:43pm- omg i saw a totally hilarious birthday card in the grocery store today, and too bad that it's past my birthday 'cause otherwise i would've bought it for myself. it was that awesome.
outside: I bet the Angels were really smiling the day you were born.
inside: They came back to beat Detroit 10-9, 2 outs in the 9th, with a walk-off grand slam.
great, huh?)
(3:46pm- ooh, and lincecum is pitching against the padres today. go lincecum! AAMOF, he's tied for 1st in the nl for strikeouts, is 2nd in ERA and i'm pretty sure he has the best record in the nl. or at least that's what it said in the paper this morning.)
the sox lost the first game of the doubleheader, 8-1, but george kottaras scored the run in his major league debut. yay kottaras!)
(4:01pm- this rain has really screwed up the schedule, huh? almost everyone has a doubleheader today. weird.)

Friday, September 12, 2008

*happy happy joy joy dance!*

alex is officially off the 15-day DL! (even though it was 22 days, and some of the longest 22 days ever :D)


i can't wait!

tonight kicks off the royals/indians series, and you all know what that means! it'll be good to see alex back in the lineup again to give the royals a little boost (everyone knows they need it), and now i'll actually have a reason to check the box score! (although, they are facing cliff lee, so the chances of them winning are a little slimmer...)
(EDIT: the return won't be tonight. tomorrow night at the earliest. aah, close enough. he's returning and that's all i care about.)

and the red sox are facing the bluejays again (uh oh halladay is pitching. good luck guys!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


ok, i know it's 9/11 and all and this should be a solemn post and yadda yadda yadda but someone has a birthday we should celebrate!

happy 25, ellsbury! :)

yay! (and i purposely left out the cut eye/contact problem picture 'cause it wasn't very nice)

(pictures courtesy of ESPN.com and Boston Dirt Dogs)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


(which is exactly what i said when i saw this)
come on alex! you're almost there! the royals need you! (no, seriously, the royals NEED you)

and we're ('we' as in the red sox) back to 1.5 games behind, but we've been farther back, so i'm not really concerned unless they start to REALLY suck.

(sometime mid-afternoon: and yay dan haren is pitching :D. i wonder what would've happened if he was pitching against lincecum the other night. that would've been interesting. i wouldn't know who to root for, kinda like whenever alex flew out to ellsbury or ellsbury grounded out to alex.)
(8:09pm: aw, the d-backs lost. oh well. but dan haren didn't get the loss, so that's good. and it was 4-3, so that's not bad. and i don't really like either team, i just like one pitcher from each, so i really shouldn't care...)
(9:08pm: hey! i know that the defenders are the giants' AA and that chances are that i'll see people i know, but a lot of people in tonight's game were either on the defenders' roster at one point or i actually saw play. i saw ryan rohlinger, sandoval, and ishikawa play at one point, and i remember seeing sergio romo and omar vizquel on the roster they gave us before the game. neat.)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ha! that's funny!

well, this might not be for diehard fans, but for someone who's not a huge football fan, this brings up a good point. and it's not nice but it made me laugh.

almost there!

yaaay only a half game back! come on, sox! you can do it! (and it's physically impossible for the royals to make the playoffs this year. i checked. at that point, do you just stop playing because there's no point left? i don't know.)

and as for the royals (aside from the whole not-going-to-the-playoffs-AGAIN thing...), still no word on when exactly alex is gonna be back, but i hope it's soon!

and lincecum pitched an almost complete game (8 1/3 innings) in the win last night (his record is 16 and 3, fyi) and the pictures from the game were funny, like this one:

my goodness, he's like a contortionist. in all of the espn pictures and newspaper pictures and stuff, he's all bendy-floppy. (and david thinks he looks funny, but then again, he says that about any player i like, and it'd be kinda weird if he agreed with the whole hotness thing...)

and finally, best wishes for billy wagner in his elbow surgery. i hope it goes ok and that he recovers well. (see, ellie? if it weren't for you, i wouldn't know any of the mets, aside from david wright. so i introduced you to alex, ellsbury and a bunch of AL people, and you introduced me to the mets and a bunch of NL people.)

(there, david, you happy? if i get all mad 'cause i can't figure out how to get it back to normal, it's all your fault. and you still need to get me a new eraser 'cause you're dumb and shredded mine.)

Monday, September 8, 2008

grr. still hurts.

it's like i have to rotate the icepack from all sore areas. wrist. elbow. wrist. elbow. bicep. shoulder. lower back. wrist. wrist. this is getting annoying.

red sox won 7-2 yay. AL east, here we come! i hope. although it's either that or the wild card. and HAHA the yankees won't make the playoffs for the first time in something around 14 years!
and the royals lost 3-1 which is kinda bad but not really surprising because: 1) they're missing their star player! DUH! :) and 2) they were facing cliff lee, and he's a really good pitcher, so... yeah.

oh, and no offense to any diehard football fans out there (from past posts you will know that i couldn't care less), but the patriots are basically screwed without tom brady. i mean, it's like my stepdad said: "the patriots losing their quarterback is like the sox losing lester, beckett and matsuzaka for the whole season in one swipe."
so out of the race of healing injuries, a torn ACL definitely wins the longest healing time. sorry, dudes, maybe next year.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

another thing of good news

(this is basically to supplement what ellie said yesterday)

i hope they get back in the game soon!
and to wish them well, i changed the template and it will stay that way until alex comes off the DL! so there! :p
(ok, i lied. i didn't want all of my sidebar random crap stuff deleted)

  • the sox lost 15-8 against the rangers (didn't watch for a multitude of reasons, including the fact that kinsler and saltalamacchia weren't playing, the sox were losing by a lot by the time i heard about it, and it was raining too hard so we couldn't get satellite service)
  • and i collected 3 injuries today during softball practice with my stepdad: sore lower back and right wrist (both from falling hard on my butt backpedaling to get a fly ball WAAAY over my head and landing really hard and doing a pathetic excuse for a somersault), and a sore right elbow/shoulder (existing injury from throwing wrong, aggravated from using it a lot during practice)
and apparently this weekend was 'have a song by an american idol contestant stuck in your head' weekend 'cause i had that new song 'crush' by david archuleta stuck in my head all day friday and saturday, and i had 'time of my life' by david cook stuck in my head this morning. and what's worse is that i don't even know all the words to either of them so i can't sing along! rrgh!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

k, i got good news and bad news.

good news:
1. the sox beat the rangers last night 8-1
2. alex is starting to come back into playing again, but hillman isn't sure whether he'll play this season or not (ok, that's kinda bad news, too)

bad news:
1. kinsler is most definitely gonna be out for the rest of the season with surgery. get well soon!
2. dan haren lost against the dodgers last night, 7-zip. that stinks.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

i hate my us history project!!!!

my internet ever so conveniently crapped out yesterday afternoon so i couldn't finish it until late. and it still isn't finished.

anyway, almost done with alex being on the DL hopefully.
and the royals are officially the worst team in baseball right now according to espn power rankings. that's funny.

and in yesterday's walk-off win, ellsbury had an awesome catch over the orioles' bullpen to prevent a home run. i couldn't find a picture of the actual catch (there's the video) but i found another cute one.

so we have a bunch of alex smiley pictures and now here's an ellsbury one. is he photogenic or what? :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

back from camping

which is why i haven't posted since thursday.

yeah, not much to say.

ooh! wait! i lied! i got my alex jersey! yay! (it was my birthday present from my aunt but it hadn't come in in time for my party, so i got it on friday. i'm gonna wear it tomorrow with the royals socks i ordered from mlb.com, thanks to the EGE and his $25 giftcard)

and speaking of alex, i was watching mlb bloopers on the madison square garden channel (i think that's what it is) on thursday and they had a clip from last year when he went after a popup and it hit him in the cheek and it was hilarious! i know that's not very nice, seeing as getting hit in the face with a popup hurts (i know), but he was just so darn cute! he had a little mini interview after and he was all smiley and stuff and i just wanted to give him a big hug for being so adorable. (and i still miss the long hair.)

and the random giants calendar they gave us at the defenders game has lincecum for the september picture so i think i just might keep that calendar at september for the rest of the year seeing as lincecum is awesome and he's the only person in the calendar i actually know.
and the cashier/blizzard maker dude at dairy queen on wednesday looked a lot like him and it was really scary and i took a double take. and he wouldn't stop staring at me which was even scarier! aaugh! :)

and what is up with everyone not playing lately?! all the DL trips, and now food poisoning that benched crisp, youk and beckett (wow he's just having all sorts of problems, isn't he?)!

(ok, maybe i did have a lot to say after all...)