Monday, August 25, 2008

yay birthday extended!

went to a defenders game, they lost but that's ok. and a lot of the runs scored for both the seawolves and the defenders were off homeruns. and i was making comments about the other team, like how mr. #3 for the seawolves had a hole in his pants which i thought was really funny. and when mr. #3 stood next to mr. #25, he looked REALLY short. (well, that's comparing 5'9" to 6'5"). and my dad thought that some of the guys had names that sounded like things you'd get at taco bell.

the red sox won 6-5 in 11 thanks to lowrie's solo home run in the 11th, and ellsbury did a 'johnny-damon-run-into-the-wall' catch (he actually caught it though) and actually lost a contact 'cause when he ran into the wall, the wall hit his glasses and his glasses hit his eye.
i think he even cut his eye too (10:25 edit- he did. and his shoulder, too), but he stayed in the game after a long time of laying on the ground, dazed (i now understand what an injury delay is). yikes. i hope he feels better. dangit if he gets hurt too then who am i gonna watch?!?!?!

and the royals won 7-4 against the tigers (which is kinda funny 'cause the seawolves are the tigers' AA and i was wearing my alex shirt to the game.) bad thing is that alex is officially on the 15-day DL for a strained quad. now i'm confused. is it a strain? the hip flexor? a muscle tear? make up your minds, people.


Anonymous said...

look, manders, look! the second blog post of the summer! yaaaay. baseball people getting hurt makes me sad. but not as sad as you, probably.

mandachan said...

worst birthday present ever, that's for sure. even worse than the pair of socks dan gave me out of his sock drawer.