Thursday, August 21, 2008


not good yesterday for the sox or the royals.
sox: lost to baltimore 11-6, buchholz is being sent down to AA after giving up 5 runs in 2 and a third innings (and he hasn't been doing so hot in the other games), beckett is still with his weird hand numbness and won't pitch until next week probably
royals: lost to cleveland 9-4, maier got hit in the face with a pitch and was put on the DL with 3 fractures in his face (ouch), and hochevar is being sent to the DL for something related to the other night's game hold on let me check... aha! a 'bruised ribcage'. and one of their other pitchers got sent down to AAA.

and band camp? not bad, but still kinda weird. my arm still hurts a little (but it only starts after lunch 'cause i'm outside so much. it must be the sun.). and i got stuck between the same two freshmen for the stretching/awkward massage thing, which now includes karate chops (and the really tall kid made it clear to me that i was short and he physically had to bend his knees and crouch down to reach my shoulders. i could've decked him.)

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