Monday, August 18, 2008

that's where he went!

this really has nothing to do with the red sox or the royals (they both lost miserably last night, as expected. no offense or anything, guys), but in the past few defenders games i noticed that one of their star players, travis ishikawa, wasn't playing, so i thought he must be taking a break like maybe he just didn't play that game, but to my surprise, i looked this morning at the giants' win ('cause lincecum was pitching and he's adorable), and ishikawa had a homerun in that game so i came to the conclusion that he wasn't sitting out, he got promoted from AA which is cool 'cause i can say that i got to see him in a game before he hit the majors.

(ishikawa is the guy facing the camera)

and that was a VERY long sentence but i didn't feel like punctuating much :)

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