Sunday, August 17, 2008

oy vey.

not a good series for either of my teams.
  • sox: lost to toronto last night 4-1, are currently losing to them 8-zip in the third. (apparently beckett is not having a good day today. 2.1 innings, 8 runs)
  • royals: won first game of yankees series 4-3 yay, lost last night's game 3-2 but alex had homer #14 so that's good, and they are currently losing 11-3 in the 4th
(oh, and i don't have a problem with xavier nady being a beast, but why does he have to be so awesome and play for the yankees?! they wasted so many good players.)

waaah i have to go to band camp all next week for 6 hours a day (not including lunch)!!!! but at least my partay is on friday and my birthday day is on sunday (7 days! can't wait!) and we're going to another defenders game (i think they're playing the seawolves)

but to make this a little better, i have two things: 1, ellsbury is back at the top of the lineup (yay :D), and 2, here's the pic of alex's most recent home run (i had to add it in at some point)
(isn't he awesome? david, you better believe it)


Ellie said...

xavier nady's beastlyness hasn't been able to save the yankees. but it would be easier for me if the yanks missed the playoffs so i wouldn't have as many games to watch

mandachan said...

that would be nice (besides, if the yankees made the playoffs, that would mean that the sox didn't and i wouldn't be very happy)