Tuesday, August 19, 2008

oh no!

yeah, same first post as ellie's blog: kinsler might be out for the rest of the season. i'm bummed 'cause he was one of the reasons i watched the rangers/sox series (him and hamilton and saltalamacchia 'cause that's just so much fun to say). oh well. feel better soon!

sox won (finally), royals were off.

yay my phone works now!


Ellie said...

i'm kinda in denial about the whole injury right now

mandachan said...

yeah. and now beckett might not pitch for a few days 'cause one of his hands is numb. not good. AND alex didn't play last night.

Ellie said...

i guess it's a good thing alex didn't play last night 'cuz grady beat the royals with a 3 run homer. so there is no possible way to blame alex for that.

mandachan said...

that is true.