Wednesday, August 20, 2008

... (not sure what to title this)

so, sox won royals lost (not surprised) but what makes me more mad is that alex didn't play. i realize that everyone needs a break every once in a while but they had the day off on monday!

anyway, just read another article about kinsler, and i added a funny quote to my 'random quotes from real people' sidebar thing. just so you know.

and i have that not-sure-if-it's-an-allergic-reaction-to-my-sunscreen-or-if-it's-sun-poisoning thing again and even though 'top gun'-ing people (a.k.a. clotheslining them while marching through their group) yesterday was a lot of fun, it aggravated my arms and made them hurt.

ooh! band camp update! so it's kinda weird how we start our day with stretching (i'm sure we get weird looks from cars passing by), but the worst part is that we had to massage the shoulders of the person in front (and then in back) of us and i was stuck between two freshman guys: one of which was a yankees fan (awkward for my sox fan-ness), and the other was really tall so i had to practically had to put my hands over my head to reach his shoulders (not good for self esteem from being shorter than a freshman). yesterday wasn't so bad 'cause one of my band buddies was in front of me (and the really tall kid was behind me again. still a little weird.). oh well. day 3, coming up.

4 days left until my birthday! yay!

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