Saturday, August 23, 2008


ok, yesterday was my party, happy happy whatever but i am REALLY UPSET RIGHT NOW! read the first paragraph of this and you'll know why.

(7:11 pm- yikes. i didn't realize how bad the injury was:
"He's got a tear in the upper right side of his leg in the groin area," Hillman said. "It's actually a deep hip flexor tear. A tear is never good when it's a muscle. It's not a matter of days. It is probably a matter of weeks."
now THAT is not good.)

no, alex! you're too awesome! WAAAAH!

so now it's tia and ian kinsler and beckett still (i think) and mitch maier (royals outfielder, got hit in the face with a pitch and fractured a few face bones) and jd drew (herniated disk) and now alex (torn leg muscle)! *├╝ber pout!*

so yeah happy birthday to me whatever I'M MAD NOW MY WEEKEND IS RUINED!
(i was having a good weekend and now THIS comes up! wtf?!)

(good note: lincecum won last night and ishikawa hit another home run. but that doesn't really cheer me up.)

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