Saturday, August 9, 2008


yo odio sunburn.

anyway... last night's defenders festivities was actually a doubleheader (part of thursday's doubleheader got rained-postponed), and they only played to 7, which was kinda nice in the fact that we wouldn't have to be there all night. the defenders won the first 'game' 1-zip, and portland won the 2nd 'game' 7-5, which is ok (and the only person i recognized in the portland lineup hit a 2-run homerun which was cool).
and i got an ellsbury baseball card and another alex one (i saw three and i would've bought all of them but i only had $15 on me)
and i was all confubbled 'cause i wasn't sure whether to root for the defenders or portland 'cause portland is AA for the red sox.

sox lost royals lost but i found a funny picture.

(awww someone stwuck out. awwww pouty face. if this doesn't make him so totally adorable, then you must be on something. look at him! :D)

and for my other buddy, here's a pic from an awesome catch he made on wednesday at the royals game. it's my desktop background :)

and here's the collision from the first game of the series
(i went a little picture-happy this post. can you tell? :D i have puh-lenty more. each buddy has their own folder of pix i found on and other sites)


Ellie said...

it looks like jacoby is trying to do a flip

Ellie said...

and i just read the quote about alex getting in the bigs game and nearly wet myself. lol

mandachan said...

'course, it was cooler on the tv :)