Thursday, August 28, 2008

here's another one!

now one of the defenders' catchers is in san fran! i only saw pablo sandoval play one game (it was one of the doubleheader games on the 8th), but i still saw him play. and lincecum won. (this was yesterday) and there was a funny picture of him pitching. it looks like he's gonna fall over :)
(and i just realized that the giants have halloween colors 'cause i did the link in orange and black which is their colors.)

woohoo school. the only homework i've had so far was to get all of those stinkin' forms signed and to analyze a quote and a picture for u.s. history. i hate second lunch.


crossy said...

...gosh. darn. it. i did spell swedish wrong. AUUUUUGH why do you have to be so smart...and me NOT SMART.

Ellie said...

it's too bad the giants never play on halloween. fans wouldn't really have to dress up in different colors!