Tuesday, August 12, 2008

and now for a 'tour guide mandachan' segment

so we spent sunday-monday in boston (which is why i didn't post), and i just wanted to post a few highlights:
  • went on the duck tour (which was probably the tourist-iest thing we did but you have to do it) and it was actually pretty neat (and the guy who sat in front of me had the most beautiful blue eyes i have ever seen :) ). make sure to see the statue of jfk doing the moonwalk!
  • ate at this really cool irish pub, the black rose, which is only a block or two away from quincy market and government center. and they had this guy playing guitar which was cool. and the food? AWESOME! we practically licked our plates clean.
  • watched/listened to a few street performers (there was a different guy playing guitar and singing while we waited for the t, and there was a guy outside quincy market playing a few garbage cans. and there was another guy outside quincy market who did all sorts of random stuff but the best was when he was walking around carrying a ladder 'trying to find a place to put it' and when people would try to walk in, he would walk in their way and block them out and it was really funny)
  • ate at this really good italian restaurant on newbury street called ciao bella and even though it was kinda expensive, they gave you enough food that it was practicaly 2 meals (i'll probably have my farfalle al pesto for lunch today. yum). and the bread was good (is bread ever not good?)
the only bad part was that i had to share a bed with my 4-year-old sister and no matter where i slept on the bed, her feet would always be digging into my side. oh, yeah, and it POURED while we were transferring from the t to the bus to the t again 'cause of construction. i had to put my converses and my socks on the fan back at the hotel to dry and they still weren't.

and this is the end of my really long post. *breathe out*

ooh! wait! not done! the red sox split the series with the white sox, royals were off. (and that dude zink that the red sox called up to replace wakefield is kinda hot :) )


Ellie said...

when i went on a duck tour i ended up on the red sox boat and it was REALLY cool. i am kinda jealous that you only shared with a 4year old sister cuz i have to share with my 16 year old sister.

i love boston and u obviously had A LOT of fun!

mandachan said...

i just love the city. too bad the sox were visiting the other sox, catching a game would've been cool